Use The Pet Door!

December 21, 2011 at 10:05 AMVanessa



This is the perfect weather to just lay in bed all day watching your favorite movies while enjoying a delicious cup of hot coco, until your pet has to go outside to take care of some pet business. You really don’t want to get up because it’s too cold, or you’ll miss the best part of the movie. You have absolutely no choice but to let your pet out. Are you wishing you had a pet door right about now? Did you know Screenmobile not only deals with screen windows and screen doors but we also do pet doors too! Screenmobile’s selection of pet doors gives you the flexibility to find a pet door that fits your needs. Pet doors can be mounted on either swinging or sliding screen doors. Screenmobile carries different size pet doors to fit your pet’s needs. So don’t worry about missing the best part of the movie or about having to get out of bed anymore. A pet door will allow your pet to enter and exit on his/her own. The best part of this is… you don’t have to get out of bed to reach us. Simply grab your laptop or smart phone visit our website enter your zip code and give us a call. That easy and it can all be done while staying nice and warm in your comfortable bed


Busy Holidays and your Screen Doors

December 13, 2011 at 2:31 PMVanessa

Will you be home for the holidays? Will you have any friends, family, and grandchildren over? Are you afraid of your grandchildren running through your screen door? Well fear no more Screen mobile to the rescue. With about 100 locations across the United States.  Screenmobile will fix just about anything that has to do with screening.  So, before your grandchild runs through your sliding screen door give us a call and get a custom made Heavy Duty Slider, it will be made to fit perfectly onto your home, that’s what we like to call our “ Screenmobile Guaranteed fit.” Little John will no longer go through and


wreck your slider instead see little John bounce off the slider causing no damage to either little John nor the slider. Our Heavy Duty Sliders are constructed of 2  ½” x ½” extruded Aluminum with extruded corners so it is guaranteed to be tough. The top and bottom wheels are constructed of steel, with high quality ball bearings to ensure smooth gliding. This Screen Door will last you many years and not only that, it will look great too! Heavy Duty doors come in different colors: White, Bronze, Silver, Tan, and Black. Don’t waste anymore time, call your local Screenmobile by simply going to our website enter your zip code in the zip code finder and you’re all set. “You Call We Screen.”


Screen Repair and Replacement Tips

December 1, 2011 at 5:02 PMMonty Walker

 Ever had a window screen rip, so you tried handling the screen repair yourself to no avail? Fear not. Watch window screen repair tips by Screenmobile with 100 franchise operations located in 26 states to serve you. From window screen replacement, sliding screen doors, security screen doors and patio screens. Screenmobile can help with all your screen repairs.

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Robie Clifton of Screenmobile Wilmington, NC

December 1, 2011 at 4:53 PMMonty Walker

Robie Clifton of Wilmington does huge screening job putting solar screens on skylights of Fayetteville, NC mall.

Skylights can be a great energy saving alternative to traditional lighting but excessive heat could create more demanding for cooling.  The answer can be found in solar screens by Screenmobile that cut energy demands and also cut down on annoying glare. Pictured is a recent job where solar screens were placed over skylights at a mall.

 Screenmobile, Sun Control Screens, Wilmington #2

Entrepreneurial Advice from a Screenmobile Franchisee

December 1, 2011 at 4:44 PMMonty Walker

Greg Gorman of Santa Barbara shares sage entrepreneurial advice while celebrating his 25th year in business in Santa Barbara. Greg is looking to sale 2 of his 3 territories with San Luis Obispo and Ventura County available.  Here is a link to the article.

Dillon Walker Joins Screenmobile

July 28, 2011 at 9:24 PMMonty Walker

Screenmobile has announced that Dillon Walker has joined his father, Scott and grandfather Monty Sr., in the family business. Dillon purchased Screenmobile #164 in Bellflower to serve the screening needs there and in the surrounding areas of Long Beach, Whittier and Lakewood.

The Screenmobile story began in 1982 when Monty Walker Sr., opened a single location in Glendora, California. The company became Screenmobile Corporation and began franchising in 1984. Since its humble beginnings, the company has grown to nearly 100 franchise locations in 26 states.

“I have always known that I would become involved with Screenmobile in one way or another,” said Dillon Walker. “It is a great opportunity and I intend to make the most of it.”

The senior Walker turned the corporate reins over to Dillon’s father Scott Walker in 1998, who moved the company’s headquarters to Thousand Palms in 1999.

“Despite being around the business his entire life, Dillon felt it important to complete his training just like any other franchisee,” said Scott Walker, president of Screenmobile Corporation. “The entire Walker family is proud of the commitment, professionalism and enthusiasm Dillon has shown. There is no doubt he will succeed.”

A 2009 graduate of Palm Desert High School, Dillon will serve his Screenmobile customers while simultaneously pursuing a degree in business.

“Screenmobile has expanded because of my family’s knowledge, hard work and dedication,” said Dillon. “My plan is to learn the business from the franchisee’s perspective and use that experience to honor my grandfather’s legacy. I hope to someday help my father grow the company internationally.”

Monty Walker Sr. retired in 2004 but still keeps a close eye on the company he founded.

“Dillon has grown into a fine young man with a great deal of confidence,” said the elder Walker. “It would be very pleasing to me to see his children and grandchildren carry on the tradition.”

Window Screen Frames | Aluminum vs Wood

July 22, 2011 at 9:30 PMMonty Walker

When you need new window screens, you may also need new screen frames. Window screen frames can be made from wood or aluminum. All window screen frames are cut to size on location at your home.

We all know that wooden frames can be made to be more decorative and can be painted to match the color of your home, no matter what color you originally chose. Unfortunately wooden frames also require maintenance and are more expensive. You should repaint or stain your frames every few years to keep them in the best shape.

Aluminum window screen frames are less expensive, require much less maintenance, and are more durable. They come painted in a variety of colors and can be made from varying weights of aluminum. The lightweight 3/4″ frame is typically used in conjunction with lighter weight materials such as pet screen, fiberglass screen, aluminum screen, and no-see-um screen.

A heavier gauge screen frame available for applications such as Solar Screens and very large screens. They enable you to have larger and heavier screens without the eyesore of a crossbar that is certain to distract from your view of the beautiful outdoors. A heavier gauge screen frame is also frequently used in outdoor applications. You might want to use a heavier aluminum screen frame on applications such as your Porch or Patio.

When you are considering replacing your window screen frames, consult your local Screenmobile franchise. Being screen replacement professionals, they can quickly and accurately assess your needs and desires to let you know exactly what would be best for your home.

How to make a fountain out of a clay pot

July 13, 2011 at 9:33 PMMonty Walker

Adding a fountain to your backyard is a great way to add some additional calm in your oasis. The sound of running water can be so soothing while you relax outside under your Screenmobile patio sun shades or lattice covers, and creating a fountain is pretty easy.

First you want to gather your supplies. Go to your local home improvement or garden supply store to pick out the clay pot you want to use. Use your backyard for inspiration. Pick out colors that blend in with the environment right outside your back door.

You want the pot to be at least 12 inches high and 16-20 inches in diameter. To reduce the chances of leaks or future cracks, choose a pot that is sealed with a glaze. If you find one you like that isn’t sealed, you can always seal it with a waterproof sealant.

Once you have the pot you want to use, you need the rest of your supplies. The easiest way is to purchase an electric fountain kit—which comes with all the supplies you need)—or you can purchase the electric submersible water pump, foam filter and a fountain spout separately.

Decide where you want your fountain to be outside on your patio or porch or in the garden. Make sure it is near a power source so your pump works!

Next you need to plug up the drainage hole of the pot. A wine cork can work well or use duct tape to tape the hole and then use rocks to keep the tape down. Add more pebbles and other rocks into the pot and make it as level as possible .

Place the pump on the pebble base. Fill the pot with water until it’s about three inches from the top of the pot. Plug the electrical pump in and attach the fountain spout to the top of the pump. Play with the settings until the water is as high and as wide in diameter as you like it.

Enjoy relaxing outdoors in the sun (or shade) by your new fountain!


Simple Summer Refreshment

July 5, 2011 at 9:37 PMMonty Walker

During the summer, keeping your body hydrated can be a challenge and if you’re one of the millions of Americans who doesn’t like to drink water it is even more difficult. So next time you’re sitting out on your patio enclosure with a few friends, let these creative water recipes keep you refreshed.

  • Cucumber Water: Peel and slice about 1/2 a cucumber and place it in a pitcher of water.
  • Strawberry, mint & lemon Water: 3 Slices of lemon, 2 sprigs of mint and a handful of sliced strawberries makes a delicious and refreshing water that is sure to impress your friends.
  • Fruit salad Water: Slice one orange, 1 green apple, and about 2 cups of watermelon.
  • Peach Orange Water: Even your kids are sure to love this water. Just slice up a peach and an orange to create a summertime treat that no one can refuse. But if you’re looking for a bit more color to your water, add a small handful of blueberries. Delicious!

All naturally flavored waters should sit for at least 2 hours before serving. If you can give them a full 24 hours, you will enjoy them that much more. Bon appetit.

And if by chance your patio or porch isn’t as appetizing because it isn’t screened in, don’t fear. We will be happy to create the perfect space for you to drink these wonderful waters on. You can see the many products that we have created for others at


New Owner In Northern San Diego County

June 28, 2011 at 9:41 PMMonty Walker

San Diego’s local North County Screenmobile franchise location is now owned and operated by home repair veteran Guy Walker. Walker purchased the business from Dwight Stratton, who is retiring after 22 years in the screening business.

The transition from Stratton to Walker will be seamless for San Diego North County Screenmobile customers. Walker will continue to serve San Diego’s North County within a territory that includes
Del Mar, Camp Pendleton and Borrego Springs.

“The last 13 years of selling the construction of sunrooms and patio covers to homeowners has made me keenly aware of their needs and concerns,” said Guy Walker, owner of San Diego’s North County Screenmobile. “Customer service and solutions to home improvement problems are what I know, and this experience is what differentiates me from other screening companies.”

Walker’s experience in home improvement, as well as the destruction of window screens that he has observed by the tenants of his rental properties, and the summer insects in the area led him to consider a Screenmobile franchise.

“After researching several companies and learning the North County territory was for sale, it became clear to me that the Screenmobile franchise system was a good fit,” said Walker. “I appreciate the efficiency and mobility of the trailer and workbench. Screenmobile is on top of their game, refined and professional.”

“When I hear predictions from the University of Southern California’s Lusk Center for Real Estate that it will take two years before people buy again, it leads me to believe southern California will see an upward trend for investment in property by homeowners,” said Scott Walker, chief executive officer of Screenmobile Corporation, who is not related to the new franchisee, Guy Walker. “While Dwight Stratton will be missed by the Screenmobile family of franchisees, we are delighted to welcome Guy. His wealth of knowledge about home improvement will no doubt play a role in his success.”

Screenmobile of San Diego North County can be reached by visiting or calling 760-751-1138.

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