The CDC is Recommending Open Windows for Good Ventilation during Covid-19

The CDC is recommending that home and workplace windows be opened when possible to provide good ventilation of your living and working space. Screenmobile can assist homeowners and business owners with providing good ventilation with new window and door screens.   Window and door screens will help the airflow in your home or business, keep the bugs out, and help to save on utility bills.

For customers concerned about protecting their home, Screenmobile also offers a wide range of security products. The variety of options includes Meshtec® stainless steel mesh for doors and windows, locking steel security doors, and many others.

Even with the “Stay at Home,” or “Safer at Home” guidelines found in most states, customers want to open their homes and allow the fresh air in. Contact your local Screenmobile today to see how we can help increase the airflow in your home!  Visit to get started.

For more information on the airflow recommendations view this flyer released by the CDC: workplace-school-and-home-guidance.pdf. Visit the CDC website for the most current information on guidelines and recommendations.


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