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Monday, July 20, 2015

5 Reasons to Install a Lifestyle Garage Screen Door

Top 5 reasons to Screen in your garage using the Lifestyle Door

When you think of your garage do you think it’s a place just for your cars.Even though it is usually for the storage of vehicles and some tools, Screenmobile offers a product that allows you to change the functionality of your garage. The Lifestyle Door is a door specifically designed to fit the large space of your garage door. Also  includes a door to walk through so you can still access the outside. It is installed like a garage door, on a track that allows for easy movement up and down. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Lets talk about why you should do this. Here are the top 5 reason why you should screen in your garage:

  1. Fresh air- The door is made of screen material which allows fresh air to enter freely keeping it cool and relaxing environment. 
  2. It adds square footage- Did you know the average garage size is 360 sq feet! That's a lot of space to create room for so many activities, for example a man cave, a work out room, a game room, or another room  entertaining.
  1. Keeps bugs out- Like stated before the door is made of screen material in 3 different colors, charcoal, black and white. This is beneficial because it keeps those pesky bugs out, nothing worse than trying to enjoy the open doors than having bugs flying all around bothering you.
  2. Security and privacy- Can’t see in very well, but can see out. Allows for door so can lock and control who comes in and out. when you open your garage door, its  an open invitation to what you are doing. With this door you can provide privacy and security  with your garage door open.
  3. Fits your garage- Lifestyle door are custom made to your garage door. The specifications are for most garage doors. Customization are available.

If this door is something you would like, contact your local Screenmobile for a FREE estimate today.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Enjoy your Porch with PGT Eze-Breeze Panels

Designed to make outdoor spaces even more usable, PGT Eze-Breeze panels are an excellent way to make a porch or patio enclosure into more of a four season room. Screenmobile of Oklahoma City recently converted this porch to this new product giving the customer more options with their screen porch.

PGT Eze-Breeze panels open either toward the top or bottom to best allow the fresh air to come in and are easy to operate. The material is not glass but a very strong vinyl glazing that is less expensive and if accidentally pushed or distorted will return to its original shape in minutes.

Screenmobile is a nationwide franchise specializing in professional built screen enclosures for porches and patios.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Screenmobile of Delmarva Offers New Innovative Product

Blake and Cindy McGrath own Screenmobile of Delmarva, a screen repair and replacement business, have announced their new screen retention approach for seaside decks.

Their high-tension method is perfect for spindles within railings and they can install the system without getting in the way of beautiful waterfront or golf course views.

The McGraths recognized a need when they began seeing neighbors and seaside property owners replacing spindles with glass and fighting against Mother Nature in an effort to keep the glass clean.  McGrath’s experience with the many versatile uses of screening materials inspired him to develop a new method that incorporates high-tension couplings and heavy-duty screens to serve the needs of residents, but he can do it at a much lower price point. The system requires only a few minutes to maintain because and cleaning it only requires the occasional rinsing with a hose.

“Blake has always explored new uses for screening materials,” said Cindy McGrath. “People think of screen in the traditional sense and with the development of a new generation of products, the retaining system seemed like a perfect blend of form and function.”

“It pains me every time I see someone with rag and soapy water cleaning deck glass, especially since I know that there is a less expensive, more practical way,” said Blake. “No one wants, or should have, to work that hard in the laid-back seaside communities we serve.”

Another product offered in perfect harmony with the seaside lifestyle is a motorized garage door screen. This product utilizes the same heavy-duty screening material. “Motion Screens installed on a garage door is ideal for crab feasts, creating a workout area or even an occasional cigar,” said Blake. “With the push of a button, an additional screened-in room creates an area perfect for entertaining.”

Blake purchased a Screenmobile franchise and set up his mobile screening repair and replacement company based in Ocean City and Selbyville. As an entrepreneur, he saw that Screenmobile’s on-site services focus on customer satisfaction and they were desperately needed in the area. His company takes its Screenmobile trucks and fully self-contained trailers equipped with generators and on-board chop saws to a customer’s location and complete most jobs the same day.

To learn more visit Screenmobile of Ocean-City or call 410-520-0025.

Screenmobile of Ocean City/Delmarva
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Screenmobile Screens Large Mall Skylights

Robie Clifton of Screenmobile of Wilmington does huge screening job putting solar screens on skylights, of a  Fayetteville, NC mall.

Skylights can be a great energy saving alternative to traditional lighting but excessive heat could create more demanding for cooling.  The answer can be found in solar screens by Screenmobile that cut energy demands and also cut down on annoying glare. Pictured is a recent job where solar screens were placed over skylights at a mall.

Screenmobile Now Open for Business in Atlanta, Georgia

Scott Raridon is the owner of the new North Atlanta franchise of the Screenmobile Corporation. Screenmobile is a national mobile screen repair and replacement company.

The new Screenmobile franchise will provide services in the counties of Cherokee, Cobb, Fulton, and Walton. They will custom build screens onsite to fit any shape or size for homes, businesses, and multi-unit apartment complexes. Its products include window screens, door screens, retractable door screens, porch and patio screens as well as sun control and insect control screening.

Raridon has worked as a commercial drywall contractor for more than 26 years, the last 9 in Canton.

“In the current economic situation, rather than relying on sub-contract work, I wanted to pursue another business venture that utilized my skills,” he said. “Screenmobile is a well-established, family based business, and I liked the mobile business model , which brings custom made screens right to your house.”

Raridon has four boys, and for nine years he has been active in the Canton community as a Hobgood baseball coach. His oldest son recently graduated from basic training in the U.S. Air Force.

You can contact Scott Raridon and Screenmobile of Canton at at his website or via phone at (707) 345-1373.

Screenmobile Franchise

Guarda Security Doors by Screenmobile

Screenmobile presents a new way to protect your home or business. Stainless steel security systems for all doors, windows and commercial applications. While this product may look like a simple window or door screen, it is actually a highly engineered solution for swinging doors, sliding patio doors, windows-with fire release mechanisms and commercial fixed applications.

Guarda Security Doors
This System Features:

  • High Resistance to Forced Entry
  • Innovative Design Exceeds International 
  • Security Standards
  • Exclusively Made With High Tensile Marine 
  • Grade Meshtec Powder Coated Stainless Steel Security Mesh
  • Provides Protection, Ventilation With Unobstructed Clear Vision Views
  • Perfect Replacement for Old Style Steel Bar Type Security Doors
  • Incorporates Specially Designed Multi-Point Lock System

The Innovation is in the Security Mesh itself:

  • Woven with high-tensile steel wire, each strand is individually tested to international standards.
  • Passes and exceeds Knife Shear Testing, with proven strength superior to ordinary insect screen mesh.
  • Passes and exceeds Salt Spray Testing, proven durability to resist coastal environments for residential and commercial applications.

Guarda/Meshtec components (mesh, aluminum tracks, and frames) have been powder coated in a special formulation for corrosion resistance and to exceed architectural exterior standards.

Meshtec black-coated mesh filters up to an average of 60% of harmful UV rays while providing clear vision security.

Guarda Security Window Screens
The Guarda security system also applies to window applications. The full range of colors apply as well as many different window configurations shown below. Most applications will feature the Quick Escape Window System. These are available in both residential and commercial applications.
Contact your local Screenmobile for more details on these stainless steel security systems.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Clean Your Screens Yearly for Best Results

The average home has 12 to 15 window screens. Giving them your attention now and then can save you money, ensure better views and keep bugs out.

Experts recommend washing all of your screens twice a year to get rid of grime. That is important whether they are made of aluminum or fiberglass with a vinyl coating.

“If you think of them as a filter, you wouldn’t want to breathe all the dust and the dirt that builds up,” said Scott Walker, president and owner of Screenmobile, a mobile window and door screening company with close to 100 locations throughout the country.

The easiest way to start is by marking screens so you’ll remember which window they fit, said Colleen Maiura, a spokeswoman with Lowe’s Home Improvement stores.

Use a marker or a small piece of tape that’s strong enough not to be washed away by the garden hose. Maiura suggests a cleaning solution of 1 cup ammonia, 3 cups water and a squirt of dish detergent.

Lay the screens on a flat surface, thoroughly wet them with a hose and use a squirt bottle to apply the cleaning mix. Leave it on for about 10 minutes, use a soft-bristled brush to remove stubborn grime, then rinse. Don’t scrub aluminum screens too hard; you could dent them.

Maiura suggests shaking screens to remove excess water. If you have fiberglass ones, you can gently snap them with a towel to send water drops flying and prevent hard water stains.

If you pay someone to wash your windows, it’s a good idea to inspect the screens beforehand. That way you won’t blame washers for tears already there, and you can ask them to pay for any damages that occur during their work.

Repairs for a reasonThe point of having window screens is to let you open up your home to fresh air while keeping bugs and debris out. Rips and tears in the mesh, or bent screen frames, defeat that purpose.

Walker said you can do some minor repairs on your own. Inexpensive patch kits available at home improvement stores include small pieces of mesh that grab around holes and close them up. Pieces of household tape can cover up tiny tears. Neither option is attractive, Walker adds, but they can serve as quick fixes in otherwise good screens.

Repaint wooden screen frames if needed. Paint will help seal the wood and keep it from warping.

Preventing damage

Children and pets can be especially tough on screens and screen doors. Pet screens can be mounted on sliding screen doors for easy access for pets that enjoy the outdoors.

For those who might have used an elbow to keep a swinging screen door from closing too quickly, there’s a better option that won’t cost you a repair. Check the top of your door for a piston mechanism that you can turn and increase the pressure, to make the door close more slowly.

To keep window screens and doors sliding smoothly, Walker suggests skipping oil-based lubricants and instead using a silicone-based lubricant, such as furniture polish.

If you have the storage space, cleaning screens in the fall and then storing them away during the winter can extend their life, experts say.

Replace as needed

If a screen has large or multiple holes, or if its frame is bent or broken, then it’s time for a new one.

“Our rule of thumb is that if the frame doesn’t seal up against the window, then the bugs can come around there, so you’d need to replace it,” Walker said.

Fiberglass screens, which have a vinyl coating, will begin to show white strands, which means “there is virtually no integrity” left in the screen, he adds.

New products

If you’re switching screens, consider a charcoal color for better visibility. Fine-mesh screens can block small bugs and improve your view. The screens are made of super-fine strands so homeowners see less screen and more scenery.

Other new products include strong pet screens that cats can climb without tearing and retractable screen doors that are mounted on doorjambs so they’re hidden when homeowners don’t need them.

Homeowners will also start seeing strong, stainless steel screens on the market that offer some security.

“You get the look of a screen door, but the benefits of a security door,” said Walker.

Preventing Golf Balls From Breaking Your Windows

Living on a golf course is a luxury that many enjoy. There are many benefits to it including always having a well manicured back yard, having a very large back yard, and being close to your favorite golf course. Unfortunately, this luxury can be a costly one when golfers accidentally hit their golf balls into your windows.

Screenmobile Golf Ball ProtectionGolf Ball protection can be a fixed frame or heavy duty fabric using roll down mechanism. Constructed of extruded aluminum and covered by a strong vinyl coated polyester screen, Golf Ball protection was never so easy. Screens can be mounted on your existing window frames, patio structure or even be free standing away from your windows and doors. Finally, you’ve found Screenmobile, the company that can reduce the damage to your home. As there are many varitations in home construction and features, there is not one perfect application for all the golf ball protection needs. One of our trained technicians can come to your home and advise you on what option and installation will work for your home.

Golf Ball Protection is just one excellent reason to call your local Screenmobile franchise for a free quote. They can also give you a quote on window screen repair or sun shades.

Screenmobile of Napa

Timmy D’Antonio can fix a broken window screen — and in a pinch, a whole lot more.

D’Antonio recently opened Screenmobile of Napa, a mobile screen repair and replacement business. With his truck and supplies, D’Antonio arrives at a customer’s home with the tools of his trade ready to make repairs large or small.

But D’Antonio has another bag of tricks that he can pull out when necessary. D’Antonio is also a licensed Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). He carries emergency supplies with him while he travels around Napa, Yolo and Solano counties in his Screenmobile trailer.D’Antonio said he’d always wanted to be a firefighter. But with state and city budget cuts, he’s been unable to find work as a firefighter. “I had to find an alternate job,” D’Antonio said.

The 26-year-old didn’t have to look very far. His aunt and uncle own a successful Screenmobile franchise covering the Sacramento and Lake Tahoe areas. His brother’s Screenmobile franchise services Sonoma and Marin counties.

“I saw the success by my family and it was a no-brainer for me,” D’Antonio said.

Screenmobile of NapaOriginally from the San Fernando Valley, D’Antonio moved to Napa in December to open the local Screenmobile franchise. “We can make anything with a screen,” including window screens, door screens, retractable screen doors, and porch and patio screens, he said.

As a trained and certified EMT, D’Antonio is compelled to stop and render assistance at any accident he comes upon until an ambulance arrives. “I keep a basic medical bag with some bandages, dressings, and the basics in case there is something I can do at an accident.” He’s already stopped at a few such incidents. In Suisun City, he encountered a crash scene involving a truck and sedan. When D’Antonio pulled over he found two girls from the sedan lying on the sidewalk. He assisted until an ambulance arrived, he said. At a local climbing gym he helped a climber who’d fallen and snapped her ankle. “I took over until the paramedics got there,” by elevating and icing the injury.

While D’Antonio doesn’t have his dream job —yet—he does have the on-the job freedom that he seems to prefer. “I still get to drive around and do the same kind of gig. It’s just different work at the destination.”

D’Antonio and Screenmobile of Napa can be reached at 707-320-9339.

Screenmobile Employee Becomes Franchise Owner

Mario Julian is a new owner of a Screenmobile franchise. He has been working for Loren Wullschleger, the previous Screenmobile owner, for approximately 10 years.As a Screenmobile franchisee, Mario Travels from city to city installing sliding and retractable screen doors, fixing window screens and installing patio screens for customers at their homes.

As the two men became closer friends, Wullschleger taught Julian a lot about the business including how to do the job and run the business right, He also taught Mr. Julian that being an owner is quite different from being the owner, a lesson that Julian is happy to have learned because it really is true. It requires a completely different mindset.Before Loren Wullschleger became ill, he also owned a separate Screenmobile franchise in Yucaipa that he was forced to sell. Now Julian is currently trying to purchase that franchise.
When asked about the secret to his success, he said that he is selling new products that Wullschleger didn’t sell and having a booth at local home shows. He is currently selling lots of sliding and retractable screen doors and he attributes most of that to the home shows that he has been attending as a vendor.

His former employer donated both time and product for Crestline’s yearly “Christmas in April” program and Julian says that he will continue to do so in the honor of Loren Wullschleger. Keeping the tradition alive and giving back to the community are things that Mr. Julian says he will continue as long as the business can support it.

You can meet Mario Julian at the High Desert Home Show – Home Improvement & Remodeling Expo at the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds in Victorville CA. The event will take place Saturday and Sunday July 17 & 18 2010.

To contact Mario Julian, you can call him at 909-338-1048 or visit his webpage.

How To Clean Your Window Screens

Mobile Screen Repair by ScreenmobileWhen the glass of your window gets dirty, you whip out the glass cleaner right away, spray it on and wipe it off. You try to get the perfect technique down so you don’t have any streaking or missed spots, but do you clean your window screens too? Truth is most people don’t really think about that part of their window.

If you want clean windows, why neglect the screens? It’s like cleaning the kitchen but leaving dirty dishes in the sink. The screens are the most exposed to wind, dirt, rain, etc., and can get very dirty. The dirt plugs up the screens, making it harder for a breeze to come in and not very appealing to look through.

You don’t just want to hose the screens down, though. It doesn’t work to clean dishes by rinsing them, so why would it work with just a hose? Take the time to really clean your window completely: glass, screens and all.

Cleaning window screens can seem like a daunting task, but it’s really not that difficult. It takes time to clean the screens, however, so make sure you have a good chunk of time to dedicate to cleaning. Make it a family project and have some good bonding time with your loved ones.

The first step in cleaning your window screens is to decide if you want to buy a cleaning solution or make your own. If you want to save money and make your own solution, mix 3 parts water with 1 part ammonia. Next you want to remove the screen frames. Lay them down on an old, but clean cloth or sheet. Dampen the screens with a hose before you apply the cleaning solution.

Take a nylon bristled scrub brush and dip it into your solution. Scrub the screens using a light scrubbing motion. Make sure you don’t scrub too hard or push the fabric since this can cause the screen to stretch or tear. Rinse the screens and gently tap them against the cloth to remove extra dirt. Repeat scrubbing if you missed a spot. Let the screens dry and then replace them as soon as they are dry.

Now that your window screens are clean and dry, open up those windows and let the breeze in! You can enjoy a nice summer breeze without having to look through an unattractive screen. Take care of your window screens and you can increase their shelf life. For new window screens contact Screenmobile a nationwide mobile screen franchise.

Screen Safety Awareness- Screens and Children

Have you thought of window screens as a safety issue? Screens for windows, doors and porch/patio applications are designed primarily to keep insects out of a home. A typical screen is made from an aluminum frame and a fiberglass or aluminum screen mesh. While seemingly strong, kids and parents can develop a false sense of security that screens will stop a child or adult from falls. This is true of all types of related screen fabrics, such as sun control screens, pet resistant type screens, or screens that are made heavier than industry standards and sold as superior, or heavy duty screens.

Screen Safety ScreenmobileScreen safety applies not only to window screens, but also door screens and porch/patio screens. All can present this false sense of security. This site examines these screen safety issues and brings the awareness level up to both parents and kids. Please take a few moments to browse the additional screen safety information on this website, and to visit the resource links provided.

Window Screen Safety

There are four main components of a typical screen. The frame (typically aluminum), the corners (plastic or aluminum), the spline (rubber material used to hold screen fabric in the frame), and the screen fabric itself. Some or all of these components may fail when subjected to pressure, such as when a child or adult falls against a screen. It does not matter how tight the screen spline is, or how tight the frame is installed in the window frame, it may fail.

Sreen Safety Awareness is an important public awareness campaign by The Screenmobile Corporate and Screenmobile franchise locations. We are the nation’s leading window and door screen franchise with nearly 100 locations across the county. We do not claim to be window safety experts, we are striving to raise the awareness to this issue to parents and children. Screenmobile provides quality window and door screens to consumers, screen doors, retractable screen door, porch screen enclosure and security screen doors.

Is a Retractable Screen Door Right for Your Home?

You remember the roll-up blinds of yesterday, but do you know how their technology has been redesigned? Are you aware that this improved technology is now being used on screen doors? It is and home owners absolutely love them.

Screenmobile Retractable DoorsEnjoy the sounds of nature and breathe clean, fresh air inside your home. A new retractable screen door lets the gentle breezes into your home and also adds beautiful curb appeal. Screens can retract into the slim tube or cassette at the side of your door frame. And if you are the distinguished type that wants perfect functionality and uncompromising beauty, you can even have designer retractable screen doors, made to your specifications. Retractable screen doors are designed to fit almost any household doorway or window opening as well as in-swinging or out-swinging single doorways, and double French doorways. Even sliding patio doorways can easily be fitted for a retractable screen door to provide the perfect contemporary look you are sure to enjoy.

Retractable screen doors utilize similar technology as the old roll-up blinds, but they have been updated and advanced to work vertically or horizontally. The issue of sticking and stopping where you don’t want them to has been solved.

These screen doors have proven themselves to be extremely dependable. You won’t come home to find that your dog has run through it because you can have any type of screen installed in them that you want. Don’t let the fact that you have a dog or cat keep you from having the screen doors that you desire. Install a pet screen in them. If you have a problem with bugs or ticks, which can carry Lyme disease, just install the standard screen to keep all of those unwanted insects out of your house. You have many options and any Screenmobile would be happy to talk to you about your specific situation.

Replacing Window Screens on University Hill (Boulder, CO)

For Screenmobile of Boulder, a local window screen repair company, warmer months and open windows mean a bustling business season. During winter months, windows are clamped shut to keep out the cold. But as weather warms up, many Boulder renters reopen their sunny portals to find damaged, torn or missing screens — and then ask landlords to repair the mesh in order to keep windows open.
“It’s a great time for business,” said Rick Kancir, the “pop” in the mom-and-pop ownership of the local Screenmobile company, along with his wife, Sue.

Summer is also opportunity for Boulder landlords to seize on a decrease in students living on University Hill starting in May and June to repair the screens — amplifying the summer boom in business for the local Screenmobile of Boulder.

Paul Freese, maintenance supervisor for Property Resources Inc., said screen repairs are a constant summer battle. Property Resources manages about 300 rental properties in Boulder, including about half of which are student rental properties on the Hill.

“Every year that is one of the main things I have to deal with — replacing screens,” said Freese, adding that it’s common to have multiple screen repairs on the same house every year, as new renters bend them or throw them away.

Freese estimates that Property Resources spends $2,000 to $3,000 each year for screen repairs alone. Property Resources has contracted Screenmobile for the past seven years.

“We see the same properties over and over,” said Rick Kancir, who single-handedly repairs, measure, fits and replaces screens directly to customer orders with tools on-hand and loaded on the 17-foot trailer. Rick Kancir said the Hill is Screenmobile’s “bread and butter,” as “destructive college kids” and renters destroy screens and then landlords seek to fix them. During peak season, from June through mid-September, Boulder’s Screenmobile may visit 12 to 15 residences per day. “College kids are the dumbest kids for four years,” he said.

You can go to the Screenmobile of Boulder webpage or contact Rick Kancir at 303-470-6100.

Garage Door Screens by Screenmobile

Letting the fresh air into your garage, while keeping the bugs out, is as simple as picking up the phone. Contact Screenmobile now for Fast service and Free estimates! Ask about our New Lifestyle Garage Screens.

Screenmobile garage door screensRoll Up, Slide Across or Tracking

If you're looking for a way to convert your garage a usable room, look no further. A retractable, or roll up garage door screen, one using sliding doors or garage tracking will let the sunlight and fresh air in, but keep the mosquitoes out. Create usable bug free space while you work or play in your garage area. You can do all this in comfort if you have a retractable, or roll up garage door screen installed.

When it is not in use, your garage door screen rolls up neatly and hides inconspicuously into a customized cover, making it a truly retractable garage door screen. You won’t even know it’s there until you decide to lower it for insect protection.

Choice of Colors and Options

Garage door screens come in standard colors and you can even get them in custom colors to match your home. If you want to have the perfect retractable garage door screen that matches your d├ęcor and opens up your lifestyle to new options, Screenmobile has exactly what you need.

For more information on how to have your own garage door screens installed quickly and easily, please call Screenmobile for a Free Estimate. You Call. We Screen.

Save Your Screens From Your Pets

You love your pets and they love destroying your screens. Sometimes it feels like a bit of a contradiction but with Screenmobile's pet products such as pet doors, screens, and guards, you can feel comfortable loving both your screens and your pets again.

Pet Doors and Screen Guards
We offer pet products to make your home more pet friendly and your screens pet resistant. Screenmobile sells premier pet product items, such as quality heavy duty dog doors and cat doors, animal resistant screens and screen guards that are a barrier between your pets and your screens.
Screenmobile Pet Products
Are you looking for a new screen door with a pet door already installed? Would you like a door put in your existing screen door? We can do it. Looking for a patio pet door? We've got it. Do you like your current door but want to make it more pet resistant? We carry pet resistant screens which provides excellent scratch protection.

Pet Resistant Screen
We carry 3 different types of screens that are pet resistant. Pet Screens, Tuff Screens and Super Screens. The size of your pet and the damage that he or she causes will determine which screen would best suit your needs. For enhanced screen and door protection, we also carry pet guards for screen doors. Pet guards are attractive metal grates that block your pet from scratching at the screens.

Screenmobile is a nationwide mobile screening company. For a list of locations click here.

Window Screen Frames | Aluminum vs Wood

When you need new window screens, you may also need new screen frames. Window screen frames can be made from wood or aluminum. All window screen frames are cut to size on location at your home.

We all know that wooden frames can be made to be more decorative and can be painted to match the color of your home, no matter what color you originally chose. Unfortunately wooden frames also require maintenance and are more expensive. You should repaint or stain your frames every few years to keep them in the best shape.
Window screen frames by Screenmobile
Aluminum window screen frames are less expensive, require much less maintenance, and are more durable. They come painted in a variety of colors and can be made from varying weights of aluminum. The lightweight 3/4″ frame is typically used in conjunction with lighter weight materials such as pet screen, fiberglass screen, aluminum screen, and no-see-um screen.

A heavier gauge screen frame available for applications such as Solar Screens and very large screens. They enable you to have larger and heavier screens without the eyesore of a crossbar that is certain to distract from your view of the beautiful outdoors. A heavier gauge screen frame is also frequently used in outdoor applications. You might want to use a heavier aluminum screen frame on applications such as your Porch or Patio.

When you are considering replacing your window screen frames, consult your local Screenmobile franchise. Being screen replacement professionals, they can quickly and accurately assess your needs and desires to let you know exactly what would be best for your home.

Retractable Screen Doors

We have many choices for your screen door needs, including retractable screen doors. Screenmobile provides a wide variety of screen doors, styles and colors. Whether considering a sliding screen door, swinging screen door, or a retractable screen door, we have what you need. Do you need a tougher screen that can stand up to kids or pets? We have those, too.

Retractable doors by ScreenmobileIn addition to our well known screen doors, we also carry garage screen doors and French or double screen doors. And if you need something more secure for your loved ones, look into our security screen doors which have both a protective grill and insect screen to keep the bugs out. New stainless steel security doors are also available.

Custom size or hard to fit applications are no problem for Screenmobile. Many doors can be made on site at your home, or we can special order any screen door to fill your need. All screen doors are guaranteed to fit. Screenmobile installs thousands of doors each year, and can make the necessary adjustments for unique installation applications. Call Screenmobile for all your screen door needs.

For any retractable screen door installation, repair, or replacement, our professional service and free estimates are just a phone call away.

Retractable screen door systems are perfect for those door openings where you need insect protection but not all of the time. Our Phantom retractable screen doors utilize an improved version of the technology in roll-up blinds; updated and advanced to work vertically instead of horizontally.

As you can see, we have every option covered when it comes to screen doors. We also offer motorized roll up screen doors and large format screens for larger spaces. Please contact Screenmobile for more information.

Charlotte Screenmobile Earns Super Service Award

Congratulations to Screenmobile of Charlotte for earning the prestigious 2011 Angie’s List Super Service Award. Davis Winters the owner of Screenmobile of Charlotte stated “I am blessed to have a team that understands the importance of our customers; we have only won this award because of each employee’s dedication to providing the best service levels possible. For those who don’t know what Angie’s List is, Angie’s List is a website that aggregates verified consumer reviews of service companies as a way to capture word of mouth. Angie’s list grades companies using a report card style, which ranges from A-F. These rating are based on price, Quality, responsiveness, punctuality and professionalism. “Only a fraction of the business rated on Angies List can claim the sterling service record of being a Super Service Award winner because we set a high bar.” Said Angie’s list founder Angie Hicks. So once again Congratulations to Screenmobile of Charlotte keep up the good hard work. To find your local Screenmobile simply go to and for more information on Angies List visit the website at

Screenmobile Offers a Home Based Franchise Business Opportunity Across the Nation

Screenmobile is a mobile franchise business for sale, ideal for people looking for a family-friendly franchise, repair franchise, and/or home improvement franchise. We are a great husband and wife franchise and are the perfect outdoor franchise for a business owner who wants to join an outdoor living franchise organization. We offer a great small business franchise program for US veterans. Screenmobile is one of the top rated best mobile franchises to own. Screenmobile is a mobile screen franchise that specializes in window, door and patio porch screen products.

Screenmobile Continues to Offer New Products and Opportunities

Screenmobile continues to offer new products, information, and opportunities. Last month we reported on the franchise opportunities with Screenmobile. This month we announce the launch of two new and improved websites, along with yet another innovative sliding screen door product. You can learn all about Screenmobile in one of three main ways.

1. Check out the franchise opportunities on our Franchise website.
2. Have a look at the About us page for the full story on how we came to be.
3. Browse through our products pages to learn about the many ways we can improve your home.

If you are the kind who likes a visual experience, we also have our own YouTube Channel, where you can browse through informative videos.

Screenmobile.comBuilding on 33 years of experience, Screenmobile is the nation's number one resource for exciting business opportunities, great screening products, and a wealth of product information. While many websites are boring and static and difficult to navigate, our new website is always something new, with updates to products, easy navigation, and of course we have that wonderful business opportunity for your entrepreneurial spirit.

Come on in, click around, and call Screenmobile for all of your screening needs. If you are ready to jump in and get started with your own Screenmobile business, click into our Franchise website. However you find us, do your research, then give us a call to start the process of home improvement or to get started with your own business venture!

Need New Window Screens? Consider Getting Them Done On-Site.

Mobile screen repair by Screenmobile
Screenmobile a Mobile Screen Service will come to your home or business Find a list of locations here.
and repair your screens on site. Typically screen repair is a cumbersome two step process. Removing your old screens (if you have them) and then taking them down to a local glass shop or hardware store. Screenmobile solves both issues by measuring, manufacturing and installing new screens on site and in one trip. Costs are the same and even typically cheaper than taking your screens in. Screenmobile provides stronger frames and fabric than what is normally found at local hardware stores. Screenmobile technicians are specialized in screen repair so can do the work in a fraction of the time. Consider Screenmobile for your next new window screen project.