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Friday, April 27, 2018

Dogs and Cats - Members of the Family or Screen Destructors?

Most of us have pets and we love and care for them like they are members of the family.   But what do you do when they repeatedly tear up your window and door screens?

Sometimes it feels like a bit of a contradiction but with Screenmobile's pet products such as pet doors, screens, and guards, you can feel comfortable loving both your screens and your pets again.
We offer pet products to make your home more pet friendly and your screens pet resistant. 

Screenmobile sells premier pet product items, such as quality heavy duty dog doors and cat doors, animal resistant screens and screen guards that are a barrier between your pets and your screens.
Are you looking for a new screen door with a pet door already installed? Would you like a pet door put in your existing screen door? We can do it. Looking for a patio pet door? We've got it. Do you like your current door but want to make it more pet resistant? We carry pet resistant screens which provide excellent scratch protection.
We carry 3 different types of screens that are pet resistant. 
Pet Screens, Tuff Screens and Super Screens. The size of your pet and the damage that he or she does will determine which screen would best suit your needs. For enhanced screen and door protection, we also carry pet guards for screen doors. Pet guards are attractive metal grates that block your pet from scratching at the screens.

Beyond our beloved pets damaging our screens, screens also help keep our pets in the house and pests out. May is National Pet Month and in conjunction with that, the Fort Bend Star released an article about how the Screenmobile of Katy-Sugarland is doing their part to help keep pets safe. Here's a link to the article:

Contact your local Screenmobile location - for more information and a Free Estimate. You Call. We Screen.

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Discovery Day? What's that?

Before I started working in the world of franchising, I had never heard the term – Discovery Day.   It almost sounded like an outing planned for preschool children.  When you Google the term you get search results stating that Discovery Day in the Bahamas is a public holiday celebrating the of the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the new world; or, colleges have Discovery Days to allow a peek inside to see what life is like on campus; or an event set up at a science center to get kids excited about math, science and technology.  These are not the Discovery Days I am writing about here.

The term I am referring to has to do with franchising.  The International Franchise Association, courtesy of The Educated Franchisee’s Glossary of Franchise Terms defines Discovery Day as:

An event set up by the franchisor so that potential franchisees may learn more about becoming a franchisee. A discovery day typically takes place at the franchisors headquarters and is often the final step in the due diligence process. It provides the opportunity to meet the management team, support team, and trainers face‐to‐face. Occasionally called “Meet The Team Day” or “Open House.”

At Screenmobile, our Discovery Day consists of a tour of our building, meeting the key corporate staff that will be providing training and support, the history of the company and lots and lots of questions – both from the corporate team and the prospective franchisee, lunch out with the staff, a field visit to learn how you will make money and more opportunities to ask questions.  Time permitting, we even teach you how to make a window screen.

Our Discovery Day is scheduled at the end of our Education Process and after the prospects have time to validate with our franchisees.  When the prospective franchisee arrives, they usually find that there is a lot more to the screening world than they realized.  

We award a franchise, only if the entire corporate team agrees that the prospective franchisee will be a good fit.  Would you be a good fit for Screenmobile?  Find out - You can fill out a contact form to get more information from our sales team here.

We've hosted two Discovery Days in the past two weeks, and are proud to announce that both resulted in the addition of new franchisees. Here they are during their Discovery Days:

Evan Grissom and Jaime Mejia

Brett Brumbaugh

Hopefully we will be seeing YOU at a Discovery Day soon!

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Screenmobile Steadily Grows Number of Franchises

When we were children, we were read the story of “The Tortoise and the Hare” by Aesop. If you remember, the hare speeding to win the race while the tortoise took his time. But in the end, the slow and steady tortoise won the race.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what that has to do with franchising and more importantly, Screenmobile. Well, Screenmobile is like the tortoise. Having been in franchising for over 30 years, our Corporate Team has learned how to move at a pace that will ensure success for everyone involved.

Our education process can last a couple of months all the way up to a year depending on many different factors. We do our absolute best to ensure that not only is our potential franchisee a perfect fit for Screenmobile but, that Screenmobile is a perfect fit for them as well, after all, we are agreeing to a 10 year relationship.

With that being said, the process has been streamlined and we’ve had a tremendous growth over the last few years adding 40 franchise locations (new and resales) to our system since 2015. In 2018 alone we’ve added 5 new locations:

 2 resale locations:

With a list of others still in the pike.

When you go through the Screenmobile Education Process and have a chance to validate (call to ask questions) with our franchisees, you’ll notice that they are just like you. Hardworking individuals trying to provide a good life for them and their families while not having to sacrifice dinner at home, soccer games or dance recitals because they control their schedule. I’ve spoken with new franchisees attending their first annual Screenmobile Convention and they mentioned how nervous they were to meet everyone but, once they got in the room and started chatting, they quickly realized that they were truly among their peers and the conversations flowed naturally.

Becoming a Screenmobile franchisee is so much more than having the financial ability to purchase a franchise. It’s this attention to detail, our carefully thought out Education Process, that may make Screenmobile a tortoise but, with a 99% franchisee renewal rate and franchisees that have been with us for over 30 years, I’d say we are winning the race.

If you’re considering a career change or more so a change in your life, financial independence and the support of an amazing franchise system, I urge you to start your Screenmobile Education Process by contacting our Franchise Development Team today – I promise you won’t be disappointed. Let us guide you to the finish line!

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

What to consider when deciding between a Sliding Screen Door and a Retractable Screen Door

Living in Southern California, screens on our windows and doors are a must. But, honestly, for anyone wanting to enjoy a cool breeze or even just listening out for your children as they play in the backyard with the door open and don’t want any debris or pesky bugs coming in the house, screens are the way to go.

For the most part, houses are being purchased with screens on them as they are an added value in a sale (we receive calls from realtors all of the time). Standard Sliding Screen Doors are typically what is on a home but, retractable screen doors are becoming more popular.

With retractable screen doors growing in popularity and sliding screen doors commonly found on a home, how do we decide which works best for us and our home?

While the standard sliding screen door is long lasting, durable and cheap(er) to repair, retractable screen doors are easier to maintain, can retract when not in use and are affordable.

Sliding Screen Doors would be recommended in heavier traffic areas or homes with pets as a pet guard or pet door can be added.

Retractable Screen Doors are recommended for front doors (less of an eyesore, retracts into housing when not in use), tight spaces such as a small garage door, French doors, and when trying to preserve a view. Retractables are considered safer for the reason that if someone trips into one, the screen is designed to push out of the housing instead of knocking out the entire screen door.

Although both are available in a variety of colors, retractable screen doors can be made in custom wood grain colors to match your existing door.

So, sliding screen doors or retractable screen doors… there are a few things to consider besides just your personal preference. Remember, if you are unsure, ask your Screenmobile Field Tech for their opinion. Screens are our thing!  

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Friday, April 6, 2018

When should you replace your screens?

We live in a busy world and our list of things to accomplish each day is long and sometimes unrealistic. So, in our fast paced life, who really has time to stop and even notice that our window screens are worn? But, just like stopping to smell the roses, you should pause to notice your screens.

Window and door screens add value in many ways. Having a screen on your windows and doors help keep out pesky bugs including mosquitoes. As you are aware, the West Nile and Zika Virus are both carried by mosquitoes, and a suggested method of preventing a bite, is screens on your home.

Sun control screens work by absorbing solar heat and dissipating it before it reaches windows and doors, therefore cutting the cost of your electric bill. Security Screens offer safety and security while still allowing airflow. Pet resistant screens are designed to put up with the “ruff” treatment your pet may dish out from time to time.  

Are your windows and/or doors bare? If you answered yes, you should look into screens. But, if you already have screens, do you know when you should get them replaced? 

Regularly maintaining your screens, in direct sunlight should be replaced every 3-5 years otherwise, in a shaded area could be replaced every 5-7 years, some may last longer.

There are times that require you to take action instead of waiting for your screens to age to replace. For example:
  1.  A tear in the screen
  2.  Loose screen, spline coming out
  3.  Screen turning white from brittle fiberglass
  4.  Broken pull tabs
  5.  Bent frame
  6.  Discoloring of the frame

When you’re unsure, you can always contact your local Screenmobile. We offer FREE estimates for our customers. A knowledgeable, professionally trained technician will come to your home and evaluate your screen needs and then provide you with their recommendation. In most cases, all work can be done on-site in the first visit.

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