Screenmobile Love Your Pets Contest 2020

National Pet Month

Screenmobile is celebrating National Pet Month again this year with a new contest. National Pet Month is to highlight the benefits of pet ownership, promote adoption, and raise awareness of companion animals.   You can enter a photo of your pet to win a $100 Amazon gift card!    The contest is available here.    

Maybe your entry will be your new family member that you adopted during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Many shelters were emptied with so many people at home.  Americans love their cats and dogs and make them part of their families.   

Pet Products

Screenmobile has a wide selection of screen products for all of the pet lovers.  Screenmobile sells premier pet product items: heavy duty dog doors and cat doors, animal resistant screens, and guards that are a barrier between your pets and your screens.  You can view our pet products on our website

         Heavy Duty Slider with Pet Door

We can add a pet door to your screen door.  How many times have you had to get up to let your pet outside during the current Stay at Home orders?   Looking for a patio pet door? We've got it. Do you like your current door but want to make it more pet resistant? We carry pet resistant screens that provide excellent scratch protection.  


Why you need Pet Resistant Screen

Pet Screen

We carry three different types of screens that are pet resistant. 

Pet resistant screens are designed to withstand the rough treatment of our pet(s) can deliver. Our pets can vary in shape and size which is why we offer a variety of pet products to best fit your specific need(s.) Screenmobile offers three different types of screens that are pet resistant. Pet Screens, Tuff Screens and Super Screen are what we recommend and typically work best. For enhanced screen and door protection, we also carry a variety of pet guards for screen doors. Pet guards are metal grates that can block or deter your pet from your screens and come in many colors and sizes.  

Contact your local Screenmobile for more information about our pet products.