5 Reasons to Install a Lifestyle Garage Screen Door

Top 5 reasons to Screen in your garage using the Lifestyle Door

When you think of your garage do you think it’s a place just for your cars.Even though it is usually for the storage of vehicles and some tools, Screenmobile offers a product that allows you to change the functionality of your garage. The Lifestyle Door is a door specifically designed to fit the large space of your garage door. Also  includes a door to walk through so you can still access the outside. It is installed like a garage door, on a track that allows for easy movement up and down. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Lets talk about why you should do this. Here are the top 5 reason why you should screen in your garage:

  1. Fresh air- The door is made of screen material which allows fresh air to enter freely keeping it cool and relaxing environment. 
  2. It adds square footage- Did you know the average garage size is 360 sq feet! That's a lot of space to create room for so many activities, for example a man cave, a work out room, a game room, or another room  entertaining.
  1. Keeps bugs out- Like stated before the door is made of screen material in 3 different colors, charcoal, black and white. This is beneficial because it keeps those pesky bugs out, nothing worse than trying to enjoy the open doors than having bugs flying all around bothering you.
  2. Security and privacy- Can’t see in very well, but can see out. Allows for door so can lock and control who comes in and out. when you open your garage door, its  an open invitation to what you are doing. With this door you can provide privacy and security  with your garage door open.
  3. Fits your garage- Lifestyle door are custom made to your garage door. The specifications are for most garage doors. Customization are available.

If this door is something you would like, contact your local Screenmobile for a FREE estimate today.


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