Replacing Window Screens on University Hill (Boulder, CO)

For Screenmobile of Boulder, a local window screen repair company, warmer months and open windows mean a bustling business season. During winter months, windows are clamped shut to keep out the cold. But as weather warms up, many Boulder renters reopen their sunny portals to find damaged, torn or missing screens — and then ask landlords to repair the mesh in order to keep windows open.
“It’s a great time for business,” said Rick Kancir, the “pop” in the mom-and-pop ownership of the local Screenmobile company, along with his wife, Sue.

Summer is also opportunity for Boulder landlords to seize on a decrease in students living on University Hill starting in May and June to repair the screens — amplifying the summer boom in business for the local Screenmobile of Boulder.

Paul Freese, maintenance supervisor for Property Resources Inc., said screen repairs are a constant summer battle. Property Resources manages about 300 rental properties in Boulder, including about half of which are student rental properties on the Hill.

“Every year that is one of the main things I have to deal with — replacing screens,” said Freese, adding that it’s common to have multiple screen repairs on the same house every year, as new renters bend them or throw them away.

Freese estimates that Property Resources spends $2,000 to $3,000 each year for screen repairs alone. Property Resources has contracted Screenmobile for the past seven years.

“We see the same properties over and over,” said Rick Kancir, who single-handedly repairs, measure, fits and replaces screens directly to customer orders with tools on-hand and loaded on the 17-foot trailer. Rick Kancir said the Hill is Screenmobile’s “bread and butter,” as “destructive college kids” and renters destroy screens and then landlords seek to fix them. During peak season, from June through mid-September, Boulder’s Screenmobile may visit 12 to 15 residences per day. “College kids are the dumbest kids for four years,” he said.

You can go to the Screenmobile of Boulder webpage or contact Rick Kancir at 303-470-6100.


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