Screenmobile has unique products to solve Covid-19 problems

Two Screenmobile franchises recently partnered to solve a Covid-19 issue for Cornerstone Church in South Carolina.   Screenmobile of Grand Stand South Carolina and Screenmobile of the Piedmont South Carolina came up with a brilliant idea to solve separating Sunday school rooms during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Here is a video of the completed project.

The motorized roll downs allowed for separation but retained the visibility throughout the large Sunday school multi-purpose room.

We have a wide selection of motorized roll downs.  Screenmobile is the Industry leader in Motorized Porch Screens. Designed to prevent insects from entering your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Motorized Porch Screens retract when not in use. They can be either motorized or manually operated.

Contact your location Screenmobile today to learn more about our products.


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