It’s Business as Usual at Our Recession-Proof Franchise!

It’s a tough time out there for a lot of companies, even in recession-proof industries like home services. Here at Screenmobile, however, we’re fortunate to have a business model that allows us to operate as usual during the shutdowns and stay-at-home orders caused by COVID-19. 128 of our locations are still up and running at full capacity, and since our Franchise Owners spend their days on their mobile truck/trailer combos working on the outside of people’s homes and commercial buildings, it’s a job that already has social distancing built right in! 

The home improvement industry has always been considered recession-proof by experts, due to the fact that people tend to spend money on home repair services even during times of economic downturn. We’re encouraged by these statistics we’ve found about how home services companies tend to fare during a recession:

Of course, Screenmobile is in an even better position to thrive during recessions than some other companies in an already recession-proof industry, thanks to our unique franchise model that fills a need that is largely unmet in most markets across the country. In fact, Screenmobile operates with next to no national competition- over the past 40 years, not a single competing screen repair franchise has come on the scene, and we are proud to say that no other national franchise has been able to successfully replicate our iconic mobile screening trailer. Now that we’re facing this unprecedented situation where people are staying home to stay safe, we see our business model adding even more value to homeowners who wish to make improvements on their houses while remaining isolated and contact-free. 

Here’s what Screenmobile Franchise Owners have been up to during the past month:

Winning Awards

Screenmobile recently ranked #17 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s annual Franchise 500 list in the Top 100 Franchises Under $100K category! We are proud of this prestigious honor, and believe it is a testament to our family-focused approach to Franchise Owner support, as well as our simple business model, outstanding economics, and the amount of freedom and schedule flexibility our Owners and field technicians are able to enjoy. With an investment starting at just $91.5K, Screenmobile makes it easy to own a business in a recession-proof industry!

Providing Essential Services…and Receiving Unique Tips!

Did you know that the CDC has recommended that people keep their windows and doors open to ventilate their homes as a safety measure for steering clear of COVID-19? It’s true- the Center for Disease Control recently released this handy infographic to help people know the best ways to stay safe, and keeping a well-ventilated home is one of the highlighted items on the list.

As more and more Americans begin opening their doors and windows to the calm spring weather in an effort to properly disinfect their homes, there’s an increased need for window screens, screen doors, and other energy-efficient, protective window coverings that help bring the outdoors in. Screenmobile’s ability to provide contact-free screen repair and replacement services at an affordable price are invaluable to the people across the country who need this essential service performed.

Additionally, with the weather becoming warmer as spring hits its stride, homeowners who are finding themselves indoors all day are craving safe ways to enjoy the great outdoors and are booking Screenmobile service calls to get a jumpstart on their household maintenance chores while staying isolated. In addition to releasing a handy DIY checklist for homeowners who want to use their quarantine time to check things off their “honey-do” list, our Franchise Owners are reporting a strong uptick in business despite stay-at-home orders and shutdowns of other service companies, and are booking appointments for weeks in advance! 

We’re also doing everything we can to ensure the continued safety of customers, Franchise Owners, and field technicians alike, and are committed to wearing masks and gloves for added safety, as well as practicing social distancing and performing jobs completely contact-free. We recently launched a franchise-wide contest for our Franchise Owners to take pictures of themselves being safe on the job. The winner will receive five tape measures, which any Screenmobile technician can tell you is a helpful and welcome prize!

Despite keeping out of contact with our customers, we are still happy to
see them from a safe distance and are just as dedicated as ever to providing them with the best in customer service. One Screenmobile Franchise Owner, Joe Valente, sent us a great picture of a special “tip” he received from an appreciative homeowner- a pack of toilet paper! Since we’re all aware of what a commodity it is these days, we can safely assume that customer was very satisfied with their Screenmobile technician’s work!

Opening in New Locations

While other companies are being forced to close their doors- sometimes permanently- in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Screenmobile is fortunate to have a recession-proof franchise model that will always be in demand for as long as people have homes with windows! Franchise Owners Dwain and Cindy Cheeseman are about to open their all-new Boerne, Texas location, while Brad Taylor has just launched the fifth Screenmobile location in Virginia, bringing our innovative mobile screening concept to people all over Prince William and Fairfax Counties. We’re proud to welcome these new Franchise Owners to the Screenmobile family and wish them all the best!

Celebrating Milestones

As a recession-proof franchise that has grown across the country for four
decades and counting, some of our Franchise Owners have been with Screenmobile for decades themselves! Ed and Mariah Schuckenbrock, who own Screenmobile of Denver, Colorado, just celebrated their 20th year as Franchise Owners! As if that isn’t reason enough to celebrate, the Schuckenbrocks also earned the seventh top sales spot in the region, thanks to the reputation they’ve secured as the go-to screening source for the entire Denver Metro area. “Twenty years in business is a significant landmark for us,” said Ed. “We’ve worked hard over the years to provide our customers the best services possible. It’s an honor to serve local families and homeowners with best-in-class home improvement services. Here’s to many more years of success!”

The Schuckenbrocks are among our growing list of legacy Screenmobile Franchise Owners who have been with us for decades. Not only do we have a 99% renewal rate among Franchise Owners whose license has expired after ten years, but we also have an unheard-of 100% Owner Satisfaction Rate. Our longtime Franchise Owners’ success stories and their satisfaction with our Corporate Support Team are some of the things that make Screenmobile stand out as not just a recession-proof franchise, but a company that truly cares about helping our franchise partners achieve long-term, career-defining success in business.

The novel coronavirus has dealt us a number of challenges we never could have imagined when “Pops” Walker and his sons started Screenmobile back in 1980, but one thing we’ve carried with us throughout the years is the importance of treating each of our Franchise Owners and staff members like they are part of the family- because, to us, they are! We’re here for our Franchise Owners during this difficult time to assist with any additional support or guidance they may need with marketing, appointment scheduling, and more. We’re all in this together, and we look forward to a bright future ahead for Screenmobile.

Interested in taking charge of your financial destiny by joining the Screenmobile family? It’s a great time to invest in your future with a franchise opportunity in the recession-proof home services industry. Visit our franchise website to learn more.

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