Screenmobile Can Help Baby Boomers Spruce Up Their Homes For Millennials

According to a recent article on InsideNova, millennials are moving homes more often than the previous generations. Baby boomers can take advantage of this trend, as they look to downsize and sell their homes. Millennials are their largest pool of buyers.

There may be one problem that baby boomers run into with this new housing market. Millennials are simply not interested in the outdated look of the old homes. 

Fortunately, Screenmobile is here to help with this issue. 

Nick and John Rosso of Screenmobile of Omaha were recently featured on KETV 7 Omaha to relay tips and advice for how home owners can modernize their out-of-date houses to attract millennials.

According to the Rossos, some of the big differences between older homes and millennials' tastes include painted windows, the cabinets and the trim around the house. The oak style does not appeal to millennials, who are instead looking for whites and grays.The Rossos recommend just sprucing the home up a bit.

Nick and John also want to reiterate that the interior and the exterior are both equally important. "First and foremost is curb appeal," says John. "You want to spruce up the front of the home with plant-scaping, but obviously the inside is important. People are more casual living now; they're not looking for the formal living room or dining room. It's more casual living."

A way to achieve casual living is by bringing the living outdoors. This can be done by adding in a screened-in porch, garage screens, fixing up your window screens and keeping those bugs from coming inside. "Instead of redoing your basement, do it outside," suggests Rosso. "It's a little cheaper and you get a little more 'bang for your buck.'"

David Winters of Screenmobile of Charlotte appeared on WBTV 3 to discuss the same topic. He reminded the audience that there is now a trend in millennials working from home at least one day a week. Therefore, he suggests staging that spare bedroom as an office. 

The Rossos and Winters both end with the same advice, however. "Don't wait until you want to sell your house to spruce it up," recommends Winters. "Start working on it now and enjoy it. If you're a baby boomer and you think you're going to downsize in the next three or four years, why wait until the last minute? Get some of the use out of it now and enjoy what you've done."

Rosso agrees. "Do it prior to selling your house. If you're going to sell your house in two years, do it now and get to enjoy it. You don't want to fix it up and give it to someone else."

Are you in Omaha or Charlotte and would like to have work done by the Rossos or Winters? Visit or to contact them today.

Not in either of these areas? Never fear, for there is a Screenmobile near. Visit the Screenmobile website and enter your zip code to find a location near you. Remember, you call, we screen.


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