Growth in Georgia

Screenmobile is constantly looking for places to welcome a new member to the family. We are always expanding, always growing.

Scott Walker was recently featured in the Dekalb Champion to discuss the expansion of Screenmobile into Georgia, and in particular, into the Stone Mountain area.

Scott, speaking with Kathy Mitchell, said, "Demand for our services is at all-time high in the region. Local property owners are looking for convenience when it comes to home improvement, and no one makes it easier for the customer than Screenmobile."

There are presently three Screenmobile locations in Georgia, one that services the Gainesville area, one that services the Savannah, and one that services the North Atlanta region. Brandon Meeks, owner of Screenmobile of Gainesville, said "The demand for our services is high and folks love our concept -- I'm even re-investing in my business and expanding my operations here in Gainesville with a new truck and field technician."

Brandon Meeks, Owner of Screenmobile of Gainseville

Scott said he expects a great deal of interest in Atlanta area franchises, but Screenmobile wants to be sure every franchisee is a good match for the company. He said the company is looking for "entrepreneurs passionate about business growth and a great customer-focused attitude. It's a people business, so we need business owners who work well with homeowners."

To read the rest of Scott's interview and to learn more about growth in Georgia, including more about Screenmobile's services visit:

Are you interested in becoming a Screenmobile franchisee? Franchisees receive a protected territory that includes approximately 50,000 to 150,000 households, marketing materials, tools and equipment, uniforms and a trailer. You can visit the Screenmobile website to learn more.


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