Great Outdoors Month

Did you know that June is Great Outdoors Month? Summer is the time to escape the indoors and connect
with nature...but are insects preventing you from celebrating?

Are you tired of seeing all of the spiders and bugs on your porch when you are trying to spend a relaxing
summer day in your backyard? Do you want to be able to enjoy the beautiful summer breeze or sit
outside and have a nice meal with your family without insects or the smell of insects?

Fortunately, Screenmobile has the solution to help you celebrate nature's beauty without getting too
caught in it. A high quality screen porch enclosure could be just what your home needs.

One of the most wonderful qualities of the great outdoors is spending time in the sun. But with excessive sun
exposure comes potential dangers of sunburn, early aging, skin changes, and -- in extreme cases --
skin cancer. By screening your existing porch, you will add a protected casual space
to your home.

A screen porch enclosure will give you the extra living space that you are looking for, as well as the assurance
that your porch will look good for years to come.

Screenmobile can help you with:
  • Custom built screen enclosures
  • New wood screen porches
  • Adding screens to an existing porch
  • Three or four season options for year round use

June may be Great Outdoors Month, but with a porch enclosure, Screenmobile can help you enjoy the
great outdoors the other eleven months out of the year.

Visit to find the Screenmobile that services your area.

Remember, you call, we screen.