Congratulations to our Love Your Pets winners!

We have wrapped up our Love Your Pets contest, and we are so excited to announce our winners. 

Our 2019 Love Your Pets Contest Winners
Congratulations to Debbie Langolf of Mesa, Arizona, Haley Stewart of Indio, California, Mary Stanley of Atlanta, Georgia, Ashley Rosser of Spartanburg, South Carolina, and Amanda Tibbetts of Atlanta, Georgia. All of our winners have won a pet resistant screen or a pet door.

The Love Your Pets contest ran the entire month of May -- which also happened to be National Pets Month. We received entries from across the nation and even a few from Canada!

For every entry we received, we donated $1 to RedRover, which helps animals rescued from disasters or neglect, domestic violence victims seeking safety with their pets, and animals with life-threatening illnesses. 

The winners of our contest are across the country in multiple states. Fortunately, there are also Screenmobile franchises across the country that will be able to service them! 

Debbie Langolf of Mesa, Arizona will receive a pet-resistant screen from the Screenmobile of Chandler-East Phoenix, while Ashley Rosser of Spartanburg, South Carolina will receive a pet-resistant screen from the Screenmobile of the Piedmont.

Haley Stewart of Indio will receive a pet-resistant screen for her husky from Screenmobile of Indio/La Quinta. Our winners in Atlanta, Amanda Tibbetts and Mary Stanley, will work with Screenmobile of North Atlanta to claim their prizes.

We so enjoyed seeing all of the entrants' furry friends. We received over one hundred and twenty submissions, which made choosing our five winners a very difficult task. 

If you are in the market for a pet-resistant screen or pet door, be sure to visit the Screenmobile website to find a location near you! And keep an eye out next May for Screenmobile's Love Your Pet contest.


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