Home Sweet Home Shows

Do you attend home shows? Do you exhibit at home shows? For the Screenmobile franchisee, there
are several benefits to attending at a home show.

First, you are able to have face-to-face discussions with past, existing and prospective customers. Not to mention, face-to-face selling generates trust.

Take, for example, Ray Sinopoli of Screenmobile of Gulfport, Mississippi. Just a week ago, Ray attended the home show at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. While there, Ray met with several interested Screenmobile customers and generated over 160 leads for his business! Click here to get in contact with Screenmobile of Gulfport and have Ray do work at your own home.

Gary and Ray Sinopoli of Screenmobile of Gulfport
Second, business owners have the opportunity to display products and services in front of a "live" audience. A potential customer may not be thinking about their screens or realize how much work they need. By seeing a "live" screening demonstration, you can generate awareness and show that customer just how simple it is for Screenmobile to fix up their screens.

Third, exhibiting in home shows helps increase brand awareness. This will help create a valuable and positive association with Screenmobile. In addition to making sales, home shows can help shape customers' opinions of the Screenmobile brand and generate instant credibility.

Every home show is different, but creativity and customization can go a long way in helping a booth stand out. For example, take a look at Screenmobile of Wilmington's Robie Clifton. Robie took the time to create a custom display area for his recent home show, which garnered a lot of attention and awareness of the Screenmobile brand. 

Robie Clifton of Screenmobile of Wilmington
You can see more of Robie's excellent screen work by visiting here.

Your audience will be taking in a lot of information during the home show. Custom booths are just one way to combat forgetfulness. You can also help your booth stand out with creative touches. Here we have Kirk Boyer of Screenmobile of Utah County's home show. Not only did he decorate his booth in a unique and eye-catching way, but he also helped himself stay memorable with giveaways and drawings. Even something as simple as a candy dish can help you stand out.

If you're in the Utah County area, Kirk can help you stand out above the rest with some new screens. Visit his Screenmobile site here to get his number and give him a call!

Kirk Boyer of Screenmobile of Utah County
Remember, interacting with your audience is a very important part of a successful home show booth. They will have questions about your product, your service and your business that cannot be answered through social media. Always be friendly, approachable and ready-to-engage with your audience (Remember -- they're your potential customers!), and have a little fun yourself.

If you're looking to get screen work done, there's no reason for you to wait to connect with a Screenmobile at a home show...give them a call now!

Visit the Screenmobile website and enter your zip code to see the franchise nearest you.


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