Annual Screenmobile Convention is a can't miss event!

It’s been just a week since we’ve returned from our annual Screenmobile
Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana. The convention brought together
over one hundred franchisees from across the nation, and with the
theme of “Limitless,” encouraged all to learn from one another and
reminded each franchisee that the limit to their success is nonexistent.

The three-day event featured inspirational speakers, volunteer opportunities
and educational breakout sessions. The third day of the convention was
dedicated to Screenmobile’s vendors and gave each franchisee an opportunity
to connect with them face-to-face. However, it wasn’t just screen vendors in
attendance. Franchisees also had the chance to meet with top leaders in the
bookkeeping, sales and marketing industries. These learning opportunities will
help each Screenmobile business increase revenue and also continue to
achieve success.

Finally, the convention concluded with the Award Ceremony. The lively event
began with a lighthearted game of Screenmobile Jeopardy, before proceeding
into the awards ceremony, where franchisees and team members were
recognized for their exceptional
performance in 2018.

Just a few noteworthy franchisees that were honored included:
  • David Winters of Charlotte, North Carolina, who received the
    Overall Top Sales for 2018 award
  • Rob Hof of Northern Virginia, who was awarded Rookie of the Year
  • Dave, Lorraine and Ty Canavan of Monterey, California and
  • Garritt Fauria of Reno, Nevada
    These two locations were each recognized for twenty-five years of service and commitment to the Screenmobile industry.

The annual Screenmobile convention is a great way to begin the new year,
inspiring all involved with Screenmobile to keep moving forward, growing and
setting themselves apart with unmatched customer service, top-quality
products and unwavering commitment.

Don’t want to miss out on next year’s Screenmobile convention? Perhaps
you’ll join us as one of our newest franchisees!

To learn more about the process, visit: or call (303) 997-0737.


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