Screenmobile University

All franchise systems offer new franchisees some sort of training before they are allowed to officially be open for business. The length of the training differs with each franchise, some lasting anywhere from a week to a month depending on the intricacies of the business. The franchisor needs to guarantee the franchisee is capable of producing a level of work that is expected to help strengthen the brand. It would be unacceptable to order your favorite Big Mac at a brand new McDonalds for it to taste like something you've never had before. The point of staying loyal to a brand is because you already know what to expect from them, regardless of where they are located or how long they've been in business.

Screenmobile offers our new franchisees two weeks of training at Screenmobile University, held at our Corporate Office in Thousand Palms, CA.  Franchisees are exposed to classroom training to learn about the brand, marketing and operating system, then spend the remaining time learning production in our custom built Training House. During the ten days, the franchisees will work with different trainers as well as some guest vendors. Screenmobile takes pride in offering a well-balanced training schedule to ensure a great start for our franchisees.

On the final day of training, we take our franchisees out to a celebratory lunch where the Walker Family (Scott, Monty L., Dillon and Trevor) share advice, stories and a meal before heading back to the Corporate Office to graduate. Each franchise is awarded a certificate of completion and is welcomed to continue working on anything they have questions on or if ready, leave Screenmobile University to head home.

We've had four locations graduate from Screenmobile University last week. They all graduated on Friday and are now back home preparing to open their Screenmobile locations. Pictured below (from left to right):

Evan Grissom and his business partner, Jaime Mejia, co-owners of two locations - Screenmobile of Glendale/Burbank, CA and Screenmobile of La Canada Flintridge, CA. Brett Brumbaugh with the Screenmobile of West Palm Beach, FL and David Pawek, newest owner of the Screenmobile of Marin & Sonoma Counties, CA

Training does not end there... Right after SMU graduation, new franchisees begin an intense thirteen week Fast Start Program which consists of weekly support calls. In addition, the Screenmobile Corporate Team is available by phone or Facetime for those tricky installations, and continued learning at regional meetings and annual conventions.

If you want to learn more about owning your own Screenmobile franchise, reach out to our Sales Team at or call them at 303-997-0737. 

Perhaps you'll be our next Screenmobile University graduate!

Screenmobile Steph
System Support - Project Management


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