What's in a Review?

Reviews are a way for you, the customer, to get a glimpse at the business ethic of a company prior to hiring them. Most people today rely heavily on reviews to aid them in their decision making. As a service based company, Screenmobile recognizes this and strives for a great rating. Our franchisees always try to provide a 5 star customer experience.

Today I read an interesting article from the ProRemodeler Magazine titled “What Customers Want” by Executive Editor Sal Alfano. He says that the “buying experience” is as important as or more important to people than the stuff they buy. Alfano looked at the reviews for Zen Windows, a window franchise and noticed that the reviews focused more on simple terms such as “easy,” “simple,” “fast,” “communicated,” and “timely” before “price”. This shows that yes, you want the job done right but a completed job comes after the initial phone call, the quoting process, and installation. You want to be wow’d from the first hello all the way to you say goodbye once the job is completed.

I took a look at some reviews from our franchisee sites, it looks as though as long as Screenmobile is active on a site, our reviews are on par.

See for yourself:  

                Google                 5 Stars         7 reviews

                Facebook             5 Stars          4 reviews

                Yelp                     4.5 Stars       13 reviews

                Google                 5 Stars        3 reviews

                Facebook            5 Stars         5 reviews

                Yelp                     5 Stars        2 reviews

                Google                 5 Stars         6 reviews

                Facebook            No Reviews

                Yelp                     5 Stars        2 reviews

                Google                 No Reviews

                Facebook             No Reviews

                Yelp                     5 Stars         10 reviews

                Google                 5 Stars        1 review

                Facebook             5 Stars        6 reviews

                Yelp                     4.5 Stars     29 reviews  
With that, there’s something to be said about the company that receives a negative review and responds. Let’s be honest, no-one can be on their A game 24/7/365, but, for a company to take ownership of their mistake or perhaps correct a miscommunication on a public forum, that should also be considered in your decision making process. We are all human.

So, continue to create reviews (we love them) and read reviews because Screenmobile is doing our part to ensure you’ll hire us for any and all of your screening needs. You call, We screen!

Screenmobile Steph
System Support - Project Management


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