Manufacturing a career with screens

Screenmobile started with a father and his two son’s (Monty M, Scott and Monty L. Walker) recognizing a need for on-site screen installation and repair. In less than two years they had two locations and began franchising. Their first franchise location was purchased by Monty M’s daughter, Kelly and her husband Dale Dennis with the Screenmobile of East San Gabriel Valley, CA. That location is still owned and operated by the Dennis’. Both of their son in laws own neighboring Screenmobile franchise locations – Screenmobile of Corona/Riverside, Screenmobile of Fontana/Rialto and Screenmobile of Victorville/Apple Valley.

Dale & Kelly Dennis are our typical Screenmobile franchisees. Screenmobile franchisees make a career with their franchise, many have been part of our system for 10, 20 and even 30 years. Again, with Corporate based in Southern California, it makes sense that the majority of our long time franchisees are also based here helping for the Screenmobile name to be well known and respected. Following are a few more long time franchisees still in business today:

Screenmobile of East San Gabriel Valley – Dale & Kelly Dennis 33 years

Screenmobile of San Fernando Valley – Max & son, Kelly Gordon 30 years

Screenmobile of Southern Orange County – Matthew Rudar 21 years

Screenmobile of Long Beach – Greg Reedy 32 years

Screenmobile of Boise - Dean & Jolyn Callen 33 years

Screenmobile of Santa Barbara - Greg & Dodie Gorman 31 years

Screenmobile of Scottsdale - Marty Murphy 30 years

If you’re out there either needing screens or even wanting to start your own business and you find yourself reading this blog, reach out to us. Our customers and franchisees alike are satisfied with the Screenmobile brand.

Toll-Free Support: 866-343-4762
Toll-Free Sales: 800-775-7795

Happy Screening!

Screenmobile Steph
System Support - Project Management


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