Screenmobile Franchise Process
How long does it take?

Interested in starting your own franchise, here is a brief summary on how long the process takes and a short description of each step. For more information visit

How long does the Screenmobile process take?
Once we receive an inquiry the process starts. We take them through an education process to learn about the Screenmobile franchise. This process takes 4-12 weeks depending on their availability. Once they are awarded the franchise and the agreements are signed it takes 60-90 days to get them open for business.

6 Simple steps:
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-Pre-Qualification : General overview of the Screenmobile franchise opportunity, who were looking for and the investment range to get into the system.

-Program review : What we do, how we make money, how the system works.

-Application review: Candidate fill out a confidential questionnaire to give us information about them. The application goes into a review process to either become qualified or unqualified.

-Disclosure review : Step in the education process to review the Franchise disclosure a document that details what is involved in owning a franchise.

-Franchise validation : Step in the education process to talk with franchisees about their business.

-Discovery day : Step in the education process to have a face to face meeting with the potential franchisee, happens at the end of the education process.

-Franchise awarded : After Discovery Day the executive team meets and all agree the candidate would be a good fit for the system and offer them a franchise. If they accept then we award them a franchise.

Once awarded a franchise the new franchisee come in for a two week training at the corporate office in Southern California. During that time the new business owner learns all the ins and outs to running a successful franchise.

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