Screenmobile Featured in the National Press

Screenmobile is proud to work with All Points Public Relations, located in the Chicago, Illinois area. Our team at All Points works with Screenmobile franchisees to learn about their accomplishments and community involvement, as well as any other information that a franchisee may feel is noteworthy.

After collecting this information, All Points uses the information provided to generate publicity in that franchise's local market. The results increase awareness of Screenmobile's growth, while energizing sales and increasing the brand presence.

Some newsworthy announcements may include awards and recognitions, charitable contributions, client success stories and other company milestones and anniversaries.

Recently, All Points was able to secure David Winters of Screenmobile of Charlotte an interview with Associated Press reporter, Joyce Rosenberg. The interview contributed to an article on how small business owners help out their staff with issues in their personal lives.

David Winters of Screenmobile of Charlotte
David, a strategic, thoughtful and compassionate business owner, says yes to his employees when they ask for financial help, advice or to borrow a company car. He also has assisted his employees in filing income tax returns, getting child support, paying for car repairs and veterinary bills and giving interest-free loans.

All Points was able to secure this opportunity for David after he was featured as the Franchisee of the Week for IFA's Franchise Friday segment, which you can read here.

Sometimes, the time frame between when an opportunity is secured and when it will take place is relatively short. For example, David was contacted about the interview on a Monday and it took place just two days later.

One thing is for certain, however. These opportunities that Screenmobile franchisees participate in have a tremendous impact on growth and business -- both nationally and locally.

Would you like to be featured in national news articles, like David Winters? Then perhaps it is the perfect time for you to join the Screenmobile family! You can find out more information on opening your own Screenmobile franchise here.


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