Are you prepared? National Preparedness Month

September 23, 2014 at 11:41 AMMonty Walker



September is National Preparedness month. Screenmobile would like to give you a few ways toproperly prepare you and your family. National Preparedness month reminds us to prepare in all areas of life and there are three basic points addressed by the Boston Public Health Commission: Get Ready, Be Safe, Stay Healthy. Screenmobile would like to address the “Be Safe” points of this campaign:

  • Understanding your surrounding

  • Keep food and water safe

  • Learn basic health skills

  • Access official information

As part of “understand your surroundings”, one aspect is home safety. Window screens are something that need to be secured in your home. Screenmobile would like you to provide with you with some quick tips in order to help secure windows.Some tips we offer are:

  • When doing spring cleaning/painting be sure windows are not painted or nailed shut

  • If you have young children consider having a Guarda window installed. They are a secure window to leave open but have a fire release.

  • Keep furniture - or anything children can climb - away from windows. Children may use such objects as a climbing aid. Check our child safety section for more information.

  • Have an escape plan: “Windows provide a secondary means of escape from a burning home. Determine your family's emergency escape plan and practice it. Remember that children may have to rely on a window to escape in a fire. Help them learn to safely use a window under these circumstances."(

Another part of understanding your surrounding is your environment regarding  animals and insects. They can carry disease and  by making sure that your loved animals are up to date on their shots can help stop the spread diseases and insects. If there is an animal that is infected to be sure to have Animal Control come in and take care of the animal instead of putting you or your family at risk.

Keeping your food and water safe is also a very important part of National preparedness month.  If you do not keep your food or water safe, your survival is put at risk. Drinking water can be compromised by bursting pipes or floods.  To make sure your water is safe to drink click here

Lastly, learn basic first aid skills and  have access to official information. Learning basics health skills can potentially save you or your loved ones life. Basic CPR and First Aid classes are offered very regularly by the American Heart Association nationwide. Accessing official information is crucial in an emergency.  Having information before and during an emergency can be very beneficial for your safety. Usually, your local City Hall is the place to obtain your emergency plan information. They can also let you know what to do during an emergency.

None of us want an emergency to happen but unfortunately they are happening too often and we at Screenmobile want you to be prepared in the best way possible. Please be sure to visit our website or talk to your service tech.  They will be able to help you with any questions you have regarding window screen safety.

Screen Safety Awareness

February 18, 2013 at 3:40 PMMonty Walker

Screen Safety and Children

Have you thought of window screens as a safety issue? Screens for windows, doors and porch/patio applications are designed primarily to keep insects out of a home. A typical screen is made from an aluminum frame and a fiberglass or aluminum screen mesh. While seemingly strong, kids and parents can develop a false sense of security that screens will stop a child or adult from falls. This is true of all types of related screen fabrics, such as sun control screens, pet resistant type screens, or screens that are made heavier than industry standards and sold as superior, or heavy duty screens.

Screen safety applies not only to window screens, but also door screens and porch/patio screens. All can present this false sense of security. This site examines these screen safety issues and brings the awareness level up to both parents and kids. Please take a few moments to browse the additional screen safety information on this website, and to visit the resource links provided.

Window Screen Safety

There are four main components of a typical screen. The frame (typically aluminum), the corners (plastic or aluminum), the spline (rubber material used to hold screen fabric in the frame), and the screen fabric itself. Some or all of these components may fail when subjected to pressure, such as when a child or adult falls against a screen. It does not matter how tight the screen spline is, or how tight the frame is installed in the window frame, it may fail.

Window Safety Checklist

Has your family developed an emergency fire escape plan? Determine your family's emergency escape plan and practice it regularly. In the plan, include two avenues of escape from every room. Remember children may have to rely on a window to escape a fire. Help them learn to safely use a window under these circumstances. Make sure you have identified a safe meeting place outside.

DO YOU KEEP WINDOWS SHUT WHEN CHILDREN ARE AROUND? You should keep your windows closed and locked when children are around. When opening windows for ventilation, open windows that children cannot reach. Also, set and enforce rules about keeping children's play away from windows and/or patio doors. Falling through the glass can be fatal or cause a serious injury.


Don't rely on insect screens to prevent a fall. Insect screens are designed to provide ventilation while keeping insects out; they are not designed to, nor will they prevent a child's fall from a window.

IS THERE FURNITURE PLACED UNDER OR NEAR WINDOWS IN YOUR HOME? o Keep furniture - or anything children can climb - away from windows. Children may use such objects as a climbing aid.


These windows are useless in an emergency if the devices on them do not have a functioning release mechanism. Time is critical when escaping a fire. Consult your local fire department or building code official to determine proper window guard placement.

INSPECT YOUR HOME'S WINDOWS CAREFULLY. ARE ANY WINDOWS IN YOUR HOME PAINTED OR NAILED SHUT? Never paint or nail windows shut. You must be able to open them to escape in an emergency.


Do not install window unit air conditioners in windows that may be needed for escape or rescue in an emergency. The air conditioning unit could block or impede escape through the window. Always be sure that you have at least one window in each sleeping and living area that meets escape and rescue requirements.


Plant shrubs and soft edging like wood chips or grass under windows to cushion potential falls. The surface can greatly affect the degree of injury sustained from a fall.

Door Screen Safety

Door screens will not prevent children or adults from falling, or keep children from pool areas. This includes retractable screens, swinging screen doors, security screen doors and sliding doors. This also includes doors with pet doors, pet guards or pet resistant screens. All of these products are designed to primarily keep insects out and some level of pet resistance, but should not be considered child safe.

Most screen doors feature latches. Latches are designed to keep the door closed in case of wind or pets pushing upon doors. Latches especially lower quality plastic latches used by some door manufacturers are poorly designed and even though they look “locked”, in reality they only “latch” the doors closed.

Sliding screen door latches can be bent inadvertently and become not useable. Many sliding screen doors can be lifted off latches, sometimes just by leaning against the doors. Lesser quality sliding screen doors may not stay on the screen door tracks and simply fall off. Sliding screen doors should not be used to keep children from pool areas. Pool covers and pool fences that are specially designed for child protection should be used for such applications.

The screen fabric on all types of doors could be too worn, have holes that could be enlarged, and the spline that holds the screen fabric to the door could be too small. When the spline is too small the screen can easily detach from the aluminum frame. All of these subjects could create unsafe situations

Porch/Patio Screen Safety

Screens that enclose a porch or patio are not designed to prevent children or adults from falling. Screens on decks or second stories need to have pickets on the bottom section to prevent children from falling through the screen. Local building ordinances will describe the requirements needed for these. Consider your porch or patio enclosure as an outdoor room for insect protection only. These should not be considered a child safe room that will keep children from falling or pool areas.

As with all of these screen related products, the screen fabric can degrade overtime by outdoor exposure and sun damage. The screen fabric may become brittle and weaken over time. It may look strong, but has no structure or protection from falls. Children should always be supervised in Porch or patio screen enclosures. Do not trust the screen fabric or screen doors latches to be secure enough to prevent a child from exiting.

Screen Safety Awareness is an important public awareness campaign by The Screenmobile Corporate and Screenmobile franchise locations. We are the nation’s leading window and door screen franchise with nearly 100 locations across the county. We do not claim to be window safety experts, we are striving to raise the awareness to this issue to parents and children. Screenmobile provides quality window and door screens to consumers, screen doors, retractable screen door, porch screen enclosure and security screen doors.

That Time Of The Year Again

April 9, 2012 at 3:44 PMVanessa

The Screenmobile Franchise Corporation started humbly enough in 1980 with one used  tent trailer and a vision - to follow a proven business model and equip hundreds of well trained independent operators to custom build, repair and replace window and door screens, on-site at the customer’s convenience. In 1984, the company began franchising and today has 98 franchise owners operating across 26 States. 


For the past twenty-six years, the hosting of annual conventions and regional meetings to interface with franchise owners has been an integral part of Screenmobile’s successful and time tested business plan.  


“It is absolute essential that the latest industry happenings, vendor news, construction techniques and company developments be shared with our franchise owners on a regular basis so that we are all operating from the same playbook,” said Monty L. Walker, vice president and one of the original three founders of the company. “Our annual conventions and regional meetings  offer opportunities for invaluable face-to-face interaction with the best champions for our brand.”


The company’s annual get-together has grown steadily in size since the very first convention was hosted in a small conference room at a Desert Hot Springs’ hotel near corporate headquarters. These days, 140 attendees, 20-30 vendors and corporate staffers gather at that same place they have for the past nine years - The Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  Walker has been in charge of coordinating every convention since the corporation’s founding and offers the following tips for success. 







 Convention Roundtable.






You can never “over plan” for a convention and planning should start at least 6 months in advance. Once the convention has started, there is little room for course correction.



It is important that a good working relationship be maintained with the personnel at your host venue. Make friends with them and open the lines of communication early. Let them know what you are planning to do and work with them to identify any possible issues in advance. You don’t want a shortage of rooms or unexpected paperwork to pop up at the last moment that leaves you scrambling and stressed.



All personnel that are involved with the convention should know each other’s assigned roles and anticipate the needs of the attendees as well as event sponsors and vendors. You should have methods of communication tested and in place. A variety of smartphone apps are available that enable group texting or act as two-way radios.  




Don’t rely on your own understand of what programs you think should make up the convention agenda. Ask your attendees what they would like to see, what they would like to learn or what issues they would like to be addressed. Based upon their feedback and prior to the start of the convention, convey to the attendees what programs you have in place, what knowledge they will take away and what return on investment they can expect to realize. You do not want to offer programs that are not relevant to their business needs. They will not appreciate their time and money being wasted if the convention fails to hit the mark. 



Nothing can ruin an otherwise stellar convention faster that a microphone that doesn’t work of a presentation screen that no one can see. You can rely upon the venue’s A/V equipment and technicians but that does not guarantee there will be no issues. One option is to rent new equipment in the host city or bring equipment you are familiar with along with you. Be sure to arrive early enough for set up and testing. 




 D.Winters. (Top Sales)






Once you have decided on a program agenda, you may be tempted to stray. Don’t. Stick to it and execute. A good convention program is made up of three components - social, business and peer-to-peer. A good host city and hotel will have plenty of opportunities for socializing and the planning of fun activities, like a bowling tournament. An awards ceremony is also a vital social element that should not be overlooked. The business portion should be made up of presentations and programs hosted by corporate or by invited vendors of sponsors. Remember to stick to the time table. And lastly, your attendees can be your best source of valuable information. Allow time for peer-to-peer interaction by facilitating roundtable discussions or open mic forums on topics of interest. Keep everything as lively and fun as possible. Nobody likes a boring convention.




 Craig Anderson





Upon completion of the convention, poll the attendees. Figure out what worked and what didn’t work. What activities were appreciated, could be improved upon or should be scrapped all together. After several years of survey results are in, a pattern will be established that reflects what your attendees like and what they don’t like. 


And finally, many convention planners believe that booking a high-profile speaker to deliver a speech is key to a convention’s success. Regardless of how dynamic a speaker’s address may be, if it is not highly relevant to the audience’s business goals your attendees will feel let down.


Monty L. Walker is Vice President of Screenmobile Corporation. He along with his father Monty M. Walker and brother Scott Walker are the original founders of the franchise company headquartered in Thousand Palms, CA. For more information visit: 

Window Screen Frames | Aluminum vs Wood

July 22, 2011 at 9:30 PMMonty Walker

When you need new window screens, you may also need new screen frames. Window screen frames can be made from wood or aluminum. All window screen frames are cut to size on location at your home.

We all know that wooden frames can be made to be more decorative and can be painted to match the color of your home, no matter what color you originally chose. Unfortunately wooden frames also require maintenance and are more expensive. You should repaint or stain your frames every few years to keep them in the best shape.

Aluminum window screen frames are less expensive, require much less maintenance, and are more durable. They come painted in a variety of colors and can be made from varying weights of aluminum. The lightweight 3/4″ frame is typically used in conjunction with lighter weight materials such as pet screen, fiberglass screen, aluminum screen, and no-see-um screen.

A heavier gauge screen frame available for applications such as Solar Screens and very large screens. They enable you to have larger and heavier screens without the eyesore of a crossbar that is certain to distract from your view of the beautiful outdoors. A heavier gauge screen frame is also frequently used in outdoor applications. You might want to use a heavier aluminum screen frame on applications such as your Porch or Patio.

When you are considering replacing your window screen frames, consult your local Screenmobile franchise. Being screen replacement professionals, they can quickly and accurately assess your needs and desires to let you know exactly what would be best for your home.

Cape May County Residents Have A New Screen Repair Service

June 17, 2011 at 9:43 PMMonty Walker

Today, Cape May County residents have a new choice in screen repair services. Lifelong Cape May County residents, T.J. and Holly Repici, will use their new business to provide much needed screen repair services to their friends and neighbors.

“I chose Screenmobile because the company’s emphasis on customer service, professionalism and integrity is inline with my own approach to business,” said T.J. Repici, owner of Screenmobile Cape May Court House. “The efficient mobility of the operation that provides the customer a convenient service at a reasonable price was also very attractive to me.”

T.J. began has been working in homebuilding and construction since 1985 and he has owned his Cape May Court House construction business for the past 13 years.

“My entire professional career has been in the industry and the work has provided me with a good living within 5 miles of where I live for almost three decades now.” said T.J. “When a situation changes, you must adapt. I see my new Screenmobile operation as an opportunity to offer a value added service and convenience to my customers, who are also my neighbors.”

You can call T.J. for basic on-site window and door screen repair and replacement services. Your local Screenmobile franchise offers construction of screened in patios, pool enclosures, installation of retractable, sliding, pet, security and storm doors as well as a myriad of screening materials to meet all of your screen needs.

“T.J.’s construction expertise will no doubt serve the customers of Cape May County and the surrounding area well,” said Scott Walker, CEO of Screenmobile. “T.J. and Holly are good people and we are proud to have them as part of our franchise family.”

T.J.’s wife of 21 years, Holly Repici, will continue her seasonal accounting work while assisting with the administration of Screenmobile. To learn more about the Repici’s new Screenmobile business, you can visit or call them at 609-465-5688.


Window Of Opportunity

June 13, 2011 at 9:44 PMMonty Walker

One thing that will always brighten your day—quite literally—is a window in your office or workspace. Being able to look outside and see sunshine, rain or even clouds, will do so much for your mood. Some windows even come with great views of nature, the ocean or a beautiful building.

Having a window in your office is always a perk. You get to see the outside world while you work. Even if I don’t have a view of the waves crashing at the ocean, it’s still a great pick-me-up. Try it. Just stare out the window for a few minutes.

You know that time of the day where you start looking at the clock to see if it’s quitting time, that’s when looking out the window can be the most refreshing little break. Just looking out a window for a few minutes before I go back to working on my computer is just the change of scenery, and mental energy, that I needed to pull me through the rest of the day.

Sometimes you can even get lucky and see something cool out your window. Maybe a beautiful bird will fly by or a person you know might be walking down the street. A few lucky people might even get to see dolphin jumping outside their window. You also never know what inspiration you might find by just looking out your window. Writers are always looking for inspiration.

Writer Tom Peters once said, “If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.” But if you do decide opportunity is shining too bright, don’t worry. Screenmobile has a sun shade to help you with that.


How to throw the Perfect BBQ party

April 28, 2011 at 11:07 PMMonty Walker

Summer is almost here, and that means warmer weather and barbeque season! It’s time to whip out your best barbeque recipes, clean out that grill, and start having friends and family over. Whether you’re having a big shindig on the Fourth of July or just a few guests over for a backyard BBQ, you want to make sure your barbeque goes on without any flaws.

First step

in hosting a great barbeque: making your grill BBQ ready. If you don’t have a grill and want to host the get-together, you might want to purchase one. If you plan on hosting more barbeque functions, buying a grill is a good investment.

Already have a grill? Before you host your party, make sure the grill is clean. A clean grill cooks better and doesn’t leave a bad taste on your perfectly good meat. Remove the cooking grates and soak them in warm soapy water for about 10 minutes. Give them a good scrub with a stiff wire brush and rinse. Clean out the ash around the burner, making sure you put the burner back in place when you’re done. Use the brush and some soapy water to gently scrub the inside surfaces of the grill and rinse. Give yourself extra cooking time the next time you use your grill to make sure any residue burns off.

Next step: get the supplies. Make sure you have the charcoal or gas that goes with the grill, the meat for the grilling, the paper products for putting the meat on, etc. It’s a good idea to make a list of all the things you need so you don’t forget anything and have to leave the party to make a store run. Decide if you want decorations, or if you just want to have the backyard and patio as your décor.

Another very important part in planning the best barbeque: figuring out seating. If you’re hosting the BBQ in your backyard, pull out the lawn furniture or put blankets out for people to enjoy your cooking outside. If you don’t have enough seating, see if you can borrow or rent tables and chairs. If you really want to, you could always purchase an extra card table and folding chairs that can be easily stored when you don’t need them.

The next step: sending out invitations. Decide when you want to host the BBQ and who you want to invite to your party. Do you want a lot of people? Do you want a more intimate gathering? Do you want adults only or can kids come too? Once you know what kind of get-together you want, invite your friends and family members.

The final step: start grilling! The big day is here! Fire up that grill and start grilling that meat. Enjoy spending time eating good food in good company.


federal tax credit – now available!

November 5, 2010 at 11:35 PMMonty Walker

Good News! Screenmobile’s sun control materials now come with a manufacturer’s certification statement for compliance with the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).

What this really means is that homeowners that purchase and install the energy efficient solar screens are eligible for a Federal Tax Credit of thirty percent, up to a total of $1500.00. To be eligible, homeowners must simply live in zones 1-3 of the United States as defined by Department of Energy. To see if your house qualifies, you can download a full-sized PDF of the zone map HERE.

Materials for the Solar screens, available through Screenmobile franchises, are capable of blocking up to ninety percent of the sun’s radiant heat. This results in the lowering of your utility bills. The energy efficient tax credit certification is a designation that the manufacturers of solar screens have sought for several years.

A home’s most vulnerable area for solar heat gain comes in the form of sunlight radiating through unprotected glass” said Andrew Caldwell, Corporate Market Manager – Sun Control Products for Phifer Incorporated. “Controlling solar heat gain, especially in the warm climates that span the southern United States, is extremely important in energy conservation. Since our sun control materials are designed to reduce solar heat gain, they can help lower a homeowner’s energy costs.”

In a separate initiative, Congress has allocated $5 billion for the Obama administration’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). This initiative seeks to retrofit the homes of low-income families with products to make them more energy efficient.

While the tax credit for solar screens, which lasts through December 2010, applies to those homes located in zones 1-3, the materials do offer a lower priced alternative to more expensive energy efficient glass in all regions of the country.

Solar screens can be purchased and installed for about a sixth of the cost of low-e glass,” said Scott Walker, president and CEO of Screenmobile Corporation. “The tax credit available to eligible homeowners and, the use of the materials within the weatherization program, promises to extend energy savings even farther.

The solar screen material’s ability to block much of the sun’s thermal energy from radiating through windows, solar screens are also effective in limiting the sun-bleaching damage often done to furniture, carpet, wall hangings and paint as a result of damaging UV light entering a home.

Talk to your local Screenmobile franchise now about getting the Federal Tax break and new solar screens over your windows, go to The tax credit is only guaranteed if you purchase before December 31 so act now!


An Interview with Dave Hohn, owner of Screenmobile of Oklahoma City

September 27, 2010 at 11:44 PMMonty Walker

When asked to tell us about his business, Dave Hohn, the proud owner of Screenmobile of Oklahoma City had this to say. “As the name implies, Screenmobile is a mobile screen repair and replacement service that arrives at a home or business to build custom screens that fit any shape or size of window, door or enclosure frame.”

His operation is self-contained with a customized trailer that contains all necessary materials, tools and equipment to fabricate, repair and install coverings for any window or door opening.

On most jobs, Hohn can provide an estimate on the spot and finish all screen installations the same day. Larger jobs, such as screened-in porches or pool enclosures, may take longer.

Hohn says that his business focuses on homeowners, but he also enjoys working with realtors, property management companies, general contractors and roofing companies.

“People are usually surprised to learn about the number of different screening products that are available. I carry many different types of screening products. This includes sun control screens, also called solar screens, that cut energy cost by blocking direct sun exposure to windows, insect screens that protect against West Nile virus, and stronger pet resistant screens that don’t fray or tear easily. I can even install screens that are retractable, removable, sliding and motorized.”


Why did you locate in Mustang?

I am a Montana boy and my wife grew up in the southwest Oklahoma City area. After getting married here, we spent a few years living in Southern Colorado.

“Once we had children, we wanted to move here to be closer to her family. We recognized that Mustang had an impressive potential for growth and the proximity to major highways makes travel easy. We wanted our business to be centrally located in this area, and still able to service the entire metro area conveniently.”

What do you think is most unique about your business?

“No two jobs are the same so it keeps everything fresh and exciting. Screenmobile is unique in that the service saves the customer time and effort by not requiring them to take their screens off themselves, then drive them to a repair shop and wait a few days to get them back.”

“We carry higher quality materials than anyone else in the area and can customize each project to fit each customer’s specific needs. Whether they need pet resistant screens in certain locations, sun control or a new sliding screen door that actually slides well, we perform the repairs that they need.”

“Most screen fitting and work is done on location, so it is absolutely guaranteed to fit right. Unlike my competitors, I offer a money back guarantee on all of my sliding screen doors.”

“Many homeowners have already tried the “one size fits all” screen door before they call me to make it all fit correctly. The sliding door I build seems quite expensive when compared to the box store, and that’s why I offer to buy the door back if they are not happy. The look on their faces when they first try my newly fashioned door is priceless. In 11 years, I have not had to buy back one door.”

What is the best advice you ever received?

“That would have come from my father, Vince Hohn. He told me, ‘God gave you two ears and one mouth, because you should listen twice as much as you talk.’”

What made you want to get into this profession?

“After college I worked as a project manager for a heavy, highway and industrial construction contractor. Most of my work involved travel and living away from home near project sites.”

“After our daughter was born, the travel got harder. You might get to come home every other weekend and see the family before you had to leave again on Sunday night, so there was limited opportunity to bond with my new baby. My wife and I then decided it was time to move closer to her family who lived here.”

“I invested more than 10 years with one company and I had no desire to start over with another construction company. Instead we decided to look for other types of business opportunities. I found the Screenmobile Corporation and have owned my own business for over 10 years now. I really enjoy working for myself, meeting new people every day, and solving their screening issues.”

What do you want your customers to remember most about you?

“That the experience they had with Screenmobile was first-rate all the way. I want them to remember everything from the high quality screening product and workmanship to my professionalism, appearance, and that the job was performed on time and as promised.”

“The best compliment I can possibly receive is the referral that a client gives to their friend, neighbor or family member.”

You can contact Dave Hohn at (405) 376-6200, visit his screen repair website or visit his Facebook page.

Screenmobile of Placer and Nevada Counties

September 27, 2010 at 11:40 PMMonty Walker

Interview with Bill and Lori Rech of Screenmobile of Placer and Nevada Counties.

What goods or services do you offer?
We are a mobile window and door screening service that comes to your home or office and fabricates quality screens on-site.

We offer a full line of top quality swinging, sliding, retractable and security screen doors. Our sun control products can help reduce energy costs by installing sunscreens on your windows that block up to 90 percent of the damaging ultraviolet rays and can reduce radiant heat in your home by as much as 10 to 18 degrees.

We also carry pet doors and pet-resistant fabric to reduce damage from your animals.

What makes you different from other screening services?
All of our products are of the highest quality and are made exactly to your specifications.

Our doors are made of extruded framework that will provide years of worry-free service. Our slider doors are made on-site and will fit your opening exactly; no wobbling slider doors that fall off the track and no plastic wheels that break.

What’s new?
We are the only local screening company that is part of a nationwide franchise. Each franchise is independently owned and operated and must meet strict quality standards.

What do you love about your work?
We love the one-on-one contact we have with our customers. We take pride in knowing that our customers’ screening needs will be completed in an excellent manner.

We offer the flexibility to the homeowner of choosing from a wide range of products.

What do you find most challenging about your work?
Because we are a seasonal business, most of our customers call during spring and summer, so scheduling a high volume of orders during these peak times is challenging.

But we have always been able to meet our customers needs in a timely manner.

What is your background?
We both graduated from California State University, Northridge; Bill has his degree in computer science and Lori received a degree in business. We both worked in our respective fields until 1997 when we decided we needed a less-hectic lifestyle.

We bought the Placer and Nevada County Screenmobile franchise. After extensive hands-on training at Screenmobile Corp., we launched our franchise in July 1998.

We love living and working in the Sierra Nevada foothills and sharing this lifestyle with our four married daughters and seven grandchildren.

You can contact Bill & Lori Rech, owners of Screenmobile of Placer County and Nevada County at (530) 878-0784.

Screenmobile of Placer, Nevada and Sierra Counties provides services in EL DORADO, NEVADA, PLACER, SIERRA, SUTTER and YUBA COUNTIES in the following areas:

  • ALTA

The original article was posted at The Union.


Prevent Golf Balls From Breaking Your Windows

September 25, 2010 at 12:09 PMMonty Walker

Living on a golf course is a luxury that many enjoy. There are many benefits to it including always having a well manicured back yard, having a very large back yard, and being close to your favorite golf course. Unfortunately, this luxury can be a costly one when golfers accidentally hit their golf balls into your windows.

Golf Ball protection can be a fixed frame or heavy duty fabric using roll down mechanism. Constructed of extruded aluminum and covered by a strong vinyl coated polyester screen, Golf Ball protection was never so easy. Screens can be mounted on your existing window frames, patio structure or even be free standing away from your windows and doors. Finally, you’ve found Screenmobile, the company that can reduce the damage to your home. As there are many varitations in home construction and features, there is not one perfect application for all the golf ball protection needs. One of our trained technicians can come to your home and advise you on what option and installation will work for your home.

Golf Ball Protection is just one excellent reason to call your local Screenmobile franchise for a free quote. They can also give you a quote on window screen repair or sun shades.

A Winter Trip to the Beach Changed Their Lives

September 25, 2010 at 2:11 AMMonty Walker

Larry said they went to a restaurant on a cold day and he was amazed at how comfortable the screened outdoor proch was where they ate. “I went home and did some research and found Screenmobile,” he said.

Screenmobile provides an on-site mobile screen service and drop-off repair service.

After retiring as an engineer, Larry was interested in finding something different to do and the franchise Screenmobile seemed to be just what he was looking for.

Larry started working from his home in 2002 and his wife Libby was working as an accountant elsewhere. “My office was the front seat of my truck,” Larry said. His dog went with him and Larry traveled the Triangle area building and installing screens.

It didn’t take long for the business to expand and by the third year, Larry had a second mobile trailer and Libby had quit her job to run the office for Screenmobile.

By the fall of 2008, business had increased so much, it was necessary for the company to move to a bigger space.

“When we saw that this space (on Broad Street) was available, we knew it was perfect,” Larry said. The company took first place in sales for 2003-2008 in the Screenmobile franchise. “When things slowed down (with the economy) we had enough of a customer base that we could hold our own,” Larry said. Their customers include builders and contractors as well as home owners. Screenmobile provides screen porch panels, weatherization porch panels, custom solar screens, slidding, swinging and retractable doors, new window screens and pet screen products.

All of their work is custom made either on site or at their workshop. “We make it as convenient as we can for the customer,” Larry said.

People bring screens for repair to the shop, and if they can’t bring them, A Screenmobile unit will pick them up. They offer a two-year warranty on all products, including labor.

The Screenmobile showroom, located at 603 E. Broad Street, Fuquay-Varina, is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You can call then at 919-552-0090.

Originally posted by The Apex Herald.

When Larry and Libby Weathers, owners of Screenmobile of Raleigh, took a winter trip to the beach they had no idea it would change the direction of their lives. Eight years later they have a successful business and a storefront on Broad Street in open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You can call then at 919-552-0090.

Originally posted by The Apex Herald.


Using Solar Screens to Block the Sun’s Rays

September 25, 2010 at 12:40 AMMonty Walker

In a effort to keep houses and businesses cool, the window shading movement is certainly expanding. Screenmobile offers custom shading products for homes and businesses from more than 100 franchise locations nationwide. As the name suggests, these are mobile franchises that come right to customers’ doors to discuss and install products for windows, doors and patios.

Seven-year Screenmobile customer Vikki Clayton has lived through 10 steamy desert summers in her Phoenix, Arizona, home. After three years of living in the west-facing concrete-block house—two features that turn any building into a sun sponge—she’d grown tired of quick fixes like ceiling fans, window-tinting films and costly A/C units. She turned to Screenmobile for their solar screens, which block 80% to 90% of the sun’s rays. The screens are installed on the outside of the window and, unlike tinting films, they are completely removable.

Today, with several solar screens in place, her electricity bills have dropped from about $378 per month to $200 per month. In addition, her A/C usage has dropped by about 40%. Citing additional savings related to the protection of her carpets, furniture and art work, Clayton says, “If you live in this region, it’s not really possible to live in a house and not have them.”

Looking forward, new technological advancements will allow us to harness the sun’s energy any way we see fit, right on the surface of our windows. Until then, bushes, trees and high-tech screens, retractable or otherwise, will have to suffice.

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Screenmobile Employee Becomes Franchise Owner

September 25, 2010 at 12:38 AMMonty Walker

Mario Julian is a new owner of a Screenmobile franchise. He has been working for Loren Wullschleger, the previous Screenmobile owner, for approximately 10 years.

As a Screenmobile franchisee, Mario Travels from city to city installing sliding and retractable screen doors, fixing window screens and installing patio screens for customers at their homes.

As the two men became closer friends, Wullschleger taught Julian a lot about the business including how to do the job and run the business right, He also taught Mr. Julian that being an owner is quite different from being the owner, a lesson that Julian is happy to have learned because it really is true. It requires a completely different mindset.

Before Loren Wullschleger became ill, he also owned a separate Screenmobile franchise in Yucaipa that he was forced to sell. Now Julian is currently trying to purchase that franchise.

When asked about the secret to his success, he said that he is selling new products that Wullschleger didn’t sell and having a booth at local home shows. He is currently selling lots of sliding and retractable screen doors and he attributes most of that to the home shows that he has been attending as a vendor.

His former employer donated both time and product for Crestline’s yearly “Christmas in April” program and Julian says that he will continue to do so in the honor of Loren Wullschleger. Keeping the tradition alive and giving back to the community are things that Mr. Julian says he will continue as long as the business can support it.

You can meet Mario Julian at the High Desert Home Show – Home Improvement & Remodeling Expo at the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds in Victorville CA. The event will take place Saturday and Sunday July 17 & 18 2010.

To contact Mario Julian, you can call him at 909-338-1048 or visit his webpage at


Screenmobile now open for business in Canton, Georgia

September 25, 2010 at 12:30 AMMonty Walker

Scott Raridon is the owner of the new Canton franchise of the Screenmobile Corporation. Screenmobile is a mobile screen repair and replacement company.

The new Screenmobile franchise will provide services in the counties of Cherokee, Cobb, Fulton, and Walton. They will custom build screens onsite to fit any shape or size for homes, businesses, and multi-unit apartment complexes. Its products include window screens, door screens, retractable door screens, porch and patio screens as well as sun control and insect control screening.

Raridon has worked as a commercial drywall contractor for more than 26 years, the last 9 in Canton.

“In the current economic situation, rather than relying on sub-contract work, I wanted to pursue another business venture that utilized my skills,” he said. “Screenmobile is a well-established, family based business, and I liked the mobile business model , which brings custom made screens right to your house.”

Raridon has four boys, and for nine years he has been active in the Canton community as a Hobgood baseball coach. His oldest son recently graduated from basic training in the U.S. Air Force.

You can contact Scott Raridon and Screenmobile of Canton at at his website or via phone at (707) 345-1373.


Is a retractable screen door right for your home?

September 24, 2010 at 12:21 PMMonty Walker

You remember the roll-up blinds of yesterday, but do you know how their technology has been redesigned? Are you aware that this improved technology is now being used on screen doors? It is and home owners absolutely love them.

Enjoy the sounds of nature and breathe clean, fresh air inside your home. A new retractable screen door lets the gentle breezes into your home and also adds beautiful curb appeal. Screens can retract into the slim tube or cassette at the side of your door frame. And if you are the distinguished type that wants perfect functionality and uncompromising beauty, you can even have designer retractable screen doors, made to your specifications. Retractable screen doors are designed to fit almost any household doorway or window opening as well as in-swinging or out-swinging single doorways, and double French doorways. Even sliding patio doorways can easily be fitted for a retractable screen door to provide the perfect contemporary look you are sure to enjoy.

Retractable screen doors utilize similar technology as the old roll-up blinds, but they have been updated and advanced to work vertically or horizontally. The issue of sticking and stopping where you don’t want them to has been solved.

These screen doors have proven themselves to be extremely dependable. You won’t come home to find that your dog has run through it because you can have any type of screen installed in them that you want. Don’t let the fact that you have a dog or cat keep you from having the screen doors that you desire. Install a pet screen in them. If you have a problem with bugs or ticks, which can carry lyme disease, just install the standard screen to keep all of those unwanted insects out of your house. You have many options and any Screenmobile employee would be happy to talk to you about your specific situation.


Do You Want To Be Your Own Boss?

September 24, 2010 at 12:16 PMMonty Walker

Are you a motivated, fun and outgoing individual? Do you have a friendly personality? Do you have the ability to sell? Are you at least some what mechanically inclined? Do you understand the benefits of following a proven system for getting clients and making money?Screenmobile has over 100 screen repairfranchises and we still have more areas of this great nation that need to be covered.This isn’t a get rich quick scam or a multi-level marketing ploy. This is an opportunity to become your own boss and own a legitimate franchise business.

We need to have people running franchises in approximately 15 of our 50 states. Most of the 35 states that have existing franchises can still support more franchises. If you believe that you have what it takes to be a success in business and can follow a proven system, we want to have you on our team.

To get the process started, simply contact us by filling out the form here.