Busy Holidays and your Screen Doors

December 13, 2011 at 2:31 PMVanessa

Will you be home for the holidays? Will you have any friends, family, and grandchildren over? Are you afraid of your grandchildren running through your screen door? Well fear no more Screen mobile to the rescue. With about 100 locations across the United States.  Screenmobile will fix just about anything that has to do with screening.  So, before your grandchild runs through your sliding screen door give us a call and get a custom made Heavy Duty Slider, it will be made to fit perfectly onto your home, that’s what we like to call our “ Screenmobile Guaranteed fit.” Little John will no longer go through and


wreck your slider instead see little John bounce off the slider causing no damage to either little John nor the slider. Our Heavy Duty Sliders are constructed of 2  ½” x ½” extruded Aluminum with extruded corners so it is guaranteed to be tough. The top and bottom wheels are constructed of steel, with high quality ball bearings to ensure smooth gliding. This Screen Door will last you many years and not only that, it will look great too! Heavy Duty doors come in different colors: White, Bronze, Silver, Tan, and Black. Don’t waste anymore time, call your local Screenmobile by simply going to our website www.screenmobile.com enter your zip code in the zip code finder and you’re all set. “You Call We Screen.”


Cape May County Residents Have A New Screen Repair Service

June 17, 2011 at 9:43 PMMonty Walker

Today, Cape May County residents have a new choice in screen repair services. Lifelong Cape May County residents, T.J. and Holly Repici, will use their new business to provide much needed screen repair services to their friends and neighbors.

“I chose Screenmobile because the company’s emphasis on customer service, professionalism and integrity is inline with my own approach to business,” said T.J. Repici, owner of Screenmobile Cape May Court House. “The efficient mobility of the operation that provides the customer a convenient service at a reasonable price was also very attractive to me.”

T.J. began has been working in homebuilding and construction since 1985 and he has owned his Cape May Court House construction business for the past 13 years.

“My entire professional career has been in the industry and the work has provided me with a good living within 5 miles of where I live for almost three decades now.” said T.J. “When a situation changes, you must adapt. I see my new Screenmobile operation as an opportunity to offer a value added service and convenience to my customers, who are also my neighbors.”

You can call T.J. for basic on-site window and door screen repair and replacement services. Your local Screenmobile franchise offers construction of screened in patios, pool enclosures, installation of retractable, sliding, pet, security and storm doors as well as a myriad of screening materials to meet all of your screen needs.

“T.J.’s construction expertise will no doubt serve the customers of Cape May County and the surrounding area well,” said Scott Walker, CEO of Screenmobile. “T.J. and Holly are good people and we are proud to have them as part of our franchise family.”

T.J.’s wife of 21 years, Holly Repici, will continue her seasonal accounting work while assisting with the administration of Screenmobile. To learn more about the Repici’s new Screenmobile business, you can visit www.screenmobile.com/Cape-Atlantic or call them at 609-465-5688.


Save your screens from your pets

April 20, 2011 at 11:09 PMMonty Walker

Let’s face it. Our pets are like our children. They might do things we don’t like—they chew on things, break things, throw up on things, pee on things, scratch things, etc.—but that doesn’t mean we don’t like them personally. They’re our little babies!

In the same way you can baby-proof your house, you can also pet-proof your house. With sharp claws and curious personalities, your dogs and cats sometimes ruin things, like window screens, which can be costly to repair.

Cats will use screens to climb up or to try to sharpen their claws. Dogs tear at screens because they see something outside that they’re trying to get to. Both cats and dogs have sharp claws that can destroy your screens, even with trimmed nails. Why not replace it once and not have to worry about the screens again?

Screenmobile has a great selection of pet-durable screens to help pet-proof your home. Installing a pet-resistant screen can be more effective than trying to teach the animal not to tear at your existing screens.

It can be difficult to try to catch your pet destroying your screens so why not take preventative measures? We love to cuddle up with our animals and have fun with them. We don’t want to constantly discipline them. If you install a pet-durable screen from Screenmobile, you can spend more time cuddling with your pet than disciplining it since there won’t be any need for scolding.

Screenmobile’s pet-resistant screens are made of tougher materials so they do not tear as easily when they face the claws of your little buddy. A screen guard placed on the window screen or door can protect the screen even more. There are also options for installing a pet door in your screen door to further protect your screens. When your dog or cat wants to go outside, they will usually claw at the door.

Now you can have your door open with a screen door that keeps insects out and let a breeze in, all while allowing your pet easy in and out access. Stop worrying about your screens and spend more time with your favorite four-legged creature.


Screenmobile of Hilton Head

March 24, 2011 at 11:16 PMMonty Walker

Screenmobile welcomes its newest owners, Rolland, Debbie and Zach, to the Hilton Head area. Rolland and his wife, Debbie, owned their own business for 30 years before joining Screenmobile with their son, Zach, who also had been self-employed. The family wanted to join the Screenmobile franchise because they like the products Screenmobile has to offer and it allowed them to run the business as a family.

The family-owned

business believes they are able to offer great products, like retractable screen doors and great porch screenoptions, that are not readily available in the area. It gives them the opportunity to bring something new to Hilton Head and surrounding cities.

Under the leadership of Zach, Debbie and Rolland, Screenmobile of Hilton Head offers custom installation, fabrication and repair of window and door screening products. The mobile “Screen Store” trucks and trailers that come to your home or business, combined with professional expertise, give you the best screening experience.

With summer right around the corner, now is the time to put in that retractable screen door to let in the summer breeze. If you’ve been wanting to install a motorized roll down sun shade to keep you cool in the summer heat, call the owners at Screenmobile of Hilton Head before the heat kicks in. They’d be more than happy to help you with any screening questions.

Screenmobile of Hilton Head specializes in screened in porches, perfect for updating your porch for summer. The Hilton Head team can also discuss with you on how you can keep the summer heat out of your cool house with motorized sun screens and save on your energy bill!

Zach lives in the area with his wife, who’s family has been in Hilton Head for years (the bridge is even named after her family). By working with his parents in a family setting, they are able to meet the needs of their customers and give them the best service possible. The three owners take pride in giving quality service with a personal touch to their customers.

No matter what your screening needs are, Zach, Debbie and Rolland are here to help. With summer right around the corner, now is the time to update or repair your window screens, screen doors and screened in porches. The Hilton Head trio running the new Screenmobile franchise can answer any of your screening questions so call them today at 843-815-5580.


Screenmobile Of Napa’s Unexpected Bag Of Tricks

September 27, 2010 at 12:24 AMMonty Walker

Timmy D’Antonio can fix a broken window screen — and in a pinch, a whole lot more.

D’Antonio recently opened Screenmobile of Napa, a mobile screen repair and replacement business. With his truck and supplies, D’Antonio arrives at a customer’s home with the tools of his trade ready to make repairs large or small.

But D’Antonio has another bag of tricks that he can pull out when necessary. D’Antonio is also a licensed Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). He carries emergency supplies with him while he travels around Napa, Yolo and Solano counties in his Screenmobile trailer.

D’Antonio said he’d always wanted to be a firefighter. But with state and city budget cuts, he’s been unable to find work as a firefighter. “I had to find an alternate job,” D’Antonio said.

The 26-year-old didn’t have to look very far. His aunt and uncle own a successful Screenmobile franchise covering the Sacramento and Lake Tahoe areas. His brother’s Screenmobile franchise services Sonoma and Marin counties.

“I saw the success by my family and it was a no-brainer for me,” D’Antonio said.

Originally from the San Fernando Valley, D’Antonio moved to Napa in December to open the local Screenmobile franchise. “We can make anything with a screen,” including window screens, door screens, retractable screen doors, and porch and patio screens, he said.

As a trained and certified EMT, D’Antonio is compelled to stop and render assistance at any accident he comes upon until an ambulance arrives. “I keep a basic medical bag with some bandages, dressings, and the basics in case there is something I can do at an accident.” He’s already stopped at a few such incidents. In Suisun City, he encountered a crash scene involving a truck and sedan. When D’Antonio pulled over he found two girls from the sedan lying on the sidewalk. He assisted until an ambulance arrived, he said. At a local climbing gym he helped a climber who’d fallen and snapped her ankle. “I took over until the paramedics got there,” by elevating and icing the injury.

While D’Antonio doesn’t have his dream job —yet—he does have the on-the job freedom that he seems to prefer. “I still get to drive around and do the same kind of gig. It’s just different work at the destination.”

D’Antonio and Screenmobile of Napa can be reached at 707-320-9339.

The original article was posted on the Napa Valley Register.


Replacing Window Screens on University Hill

September 27, 2010 at 12:22 AMMonty Walker

For Screenmobile of Boulder, a local window screen repair company, warmer months and open windows mean a bustling business season. During winter months, windows are clamped shut to keep out the cold. But as weather warms up, many Boulder renters reopen their sunny portals to find damaged, torn or missing screens — and then ask landlords to repair the mesh in order to keep windows open.

“It’s a great time for business,” said Rick Kancir, the “pop” in the mom-and-pop ownership of the local Screenmobile company, along with his wife, Sue.

Summer is also opportunity for Boulder landlords to seize on a decrease in students living on University Hill starting in May and June to repair the screens — amplifying the summer boom in business for the local Screenmobile of Boulder.

Paul Freese, maintenance supervisor for Property Resources Inc., said screen repairs are a constant summer battle. Property Resources manages about 300 rental properties in Boulder, including about half of which are student rental properties on the Hill.

“Every year that is one of the main things I have to deal with — replacing screens,” said Freese, adding that it’s common to have multiple screen repairs on the same house every year, as new renters bend them or throw them away.

Freese estimates that Property Resources spends $2,000 to $3,000 each year for screen repairs alone. Property Resources has contracted Screenmobile for the past seven years.

“We see the same properties over and over,” said Rick Kancir, who single-handedly repairs, measure, fits and replaces screens directly to customer orders with tools on-hand and loaded on the 17-foot trailer. Rick Kancir said the Hill is Screenmobile’s “bread and butter,” as “destructive college kids” and renters destroy screens and then landlords seek to fix them. During peak season, from June through mid-September, Boulder’s Screenmobile may visit 12 to 15 residences per day. “College kids are the dumbest kids for four years,” he said.

You can go to the Screenmobile of Boulder webpage or contact Rick Kancir at 303-470-6100.

This article was originally posted at http://www.dailycamera.com/ci_15370155.

Prevent Golf Balls From Breaking Your Windows

September 25, 2010 at 12:09 PMMonty Walker

Living on a golf course is a luxury that many enjoy. There are many benefits to it including always having a well manicured back yard, having a very large back yard, and being close to your favorite golf course. Unfortunately, this luxury can be a costly one when golfers accidentally hit their golf balls into your windows.

Golf Ball protection can be a fixed frame or heavy duty fabric using roll down mechanism. Constructed of extruded aluminum and covered by a strong vinyl coated polyester screen, Golf Ball protection was never so easy. Screens can be mounted on your existing window frames, patio structure or even be free standing away from your windows and doors. Finally, you’ve found Screenmobile, the company that can reduce the damage to your home. As there are many varitations in home construction and features, there is not one perfect application for all the golf ball protection needs. One of our trained technicians can come to your home and advise you on what option and installation will work for your home.

Golf Ball Protection is just one excellent reason to call your local Screenmobile franchise for a free quote. They can also give you a quote on window screen repair or sun shades.